Attorney For 9/11 Conspirator Warns Against A Civilian Trial

Bookmark and Share    Scott Fenstermaker is the attorney for one of the 9/11 Five…….the five enemy combatants who admitted to playing a roll in the attacks of September 11th in 2001.

Under the direction of attorney General Eric Holder, the Obama Administration decided that these mass murders, who are responsible for the most devastating attack on America in our history, are to be tried in a civilian court that is only blocks away from Ground Zero in New York City.

Today, Scott Fenstermaker, the man who will be representing one of the five men facing trial. has urged that we get these guys through the system quickly.

Even their own defense attorney believes that the these five terrorists should be tried in a military tribunal instead of a civilian court.

Fenstermaker visited his clients in their Guantanamo Bay prison last week and today he reports that all five 9/11 conspirators will not deny the specific roles they played in the tragedy but they will also use the stage they are given to deliver their radical messages. According to Fenstermaker each one is preparing to give their assessment of foreign policy and how it caused them to kill 3,000 Americans. They will also make clear why they believe more must die.

Is this justice? Is this what the United States Department of Justice considers a good way to deliver justice to those who made America stand still for a time? These are of course rhetorical questions. No sane person can conclude that any good can come from allowing those who were responsible for 9/11 to deliver their political views and promote their radical Islamic message. This is not justice, it is simply a reward. A reward that allows them to try to repeat the statement they tried to make on 9/11.

Each day since the Obama Administration refused to let the enemy combatants to be tried as such, more and more evidence has been produced that proves the decision to try these terrorists in a civilian court is nothing but wrong. The recent remarks of the man who is suppose to be on these guys side in court confirm that. And even he disagrees with the venue for clients trial.

Is the Obama Administration so mentally incapacitated that they do not understand this? Does the President not realize that the heightened tension that the specter of a circus-like civilian trial will create increased national security risks and gamble with the lives of civilians? This is a decision that will haunt President Obama right up until his last day office.  In the mean time, the men behind 9/11 appreciate the paltform the President is giving them to denounce America from.

Some one is going to inevitably pay a price for this decision.  I just pray that it won’t be us, the American people who have already been the victim of one of the most massive terrorits attacks ever.

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