Senate Overcomes Filibuster of Their Government Healthcare Takeover Bill

Bookmark and Share    After House Democrats passed a 1,990 page bill that would have the government takeover health care in America, today, in an unusual Saturday session, Democrats in the US Senate have voted to place their own 2,074-page bill that would have government takeover healthcare in America.

Democrats claim that the bill is the answer to all our problems. They ignore the fact that it will raise taxes, increase a shortage of healthcare givers as well as increase the size a nd cost of government by $2.4 trillion dollars,  place bureaucratic, political appointees between people and their doctors and ultimately place all health care procedures under the control of the federal government, including the decisions you should be able to make for your own self when it comes to the care you feel you need.

The procedural vote taken tonight, overcame a big first hurdle for Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. With many Republicans prepared to call for a filibuster, the liberal led Senate needed all 60 of its Democrat Senators to overcome the process that would have allowed the opposition to  kill the bill and prevent it from coming up for a full and final vote.

In a strict party line vote, Democrats avoided a filibuster with no votes to spare.

This now means that the Senate can actually begin debate on their bill any time after their Thanksgiving recess.

There was some initial doubts about this procedural vote. Several Democrats made their apprehension over the bill known and in the end, Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu was found to be the 60th vote that the liberal side of the aisle needed. Landrieu was among 4 skeptical Democrats who were possibly ready to vote with Republicans on the bill. But one by one Lincoln of Arkansas, Baucus of Montana and Lieberman of Connecticut made it known that they will vote to allow debate on their healthcare measure to begin. Landrieu soon followed suit.

But not until she received a legal bribe.

On page 472 of the senate healthcare reform bill, Landrieu was promised 100 million additional federal dollars to Medicaid subsidies. But only for states that qualified for it. And what were those qualification? In two pages devoted to this money, it essentially came down to qualifications that only Mary Landrieu’s state of Louisiana met. Clearly, for her vote, Harry Reid secured the sending of money to Landrieu’s Louisiana as a form of down payment for her reelection bid next year.

So as expected, Democrats got their way. Their government takeover of healthcare, lives to see another day. But one must ask, if it took $100 million to get just one Senator to knuckle under, how many more hundreds of million will Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi convert into to pork that will bribe members for the final approval of government run health care?

At this rate, we will be have spent all the money they wanted to use  for their government takeover.

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