Louisiana’s Landrieu Exposed As The Magnolia Madame

Bookmark and Share    POLITICS 24/7 has uncovered another Capitol Hill prostitution ring.

In light of Saturday’s procedural vote to prevent a filibuster that would kill the Senate version of a government healthcare takeover, Politics 24/7 confirms that Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu is an active political prostitute and it has been further confirmed that Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is her pimp.

According to legislation, pages 472 through 474 of the Senate healthcare takeover bill, dedicates $100 million to Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, aka; The Magnolia Madame. The money was requested by the senator for “Medicaid subsidies” and the bill has specific requirements that make it so that $100 million only goes to Landrieu’s Louisiana for this purpose. Harry Reid, Landrieu’s pimp, insured Landrieu her bonus, so long as he gets what at he wants, keeps her mouth shut and provides the 60th vote he needs.

The government takeover of healthcare will advance to the full senate for debate and it is likely to be amended. What that essentially means is that many Democrats who face some stiff competition in their 2010 reelection bids, will all be offering their services as Pimp Daddy Reid takes advantage of the amendment process by insuring that many more Magnolia Madame-like deals are made. Reid is going to have pimp his members on this one hard. The Pimp of all pimps, President Obama, has put too much on the line on this issue and for them, failure is not an option. So they will pay any price to save face and kiss all the ass they can to insure that the senate version of a government healthcare takeover passes under the nuclear option of a party line vote.

Of course, Vermont’ Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins will be knocking on the whorehouse door, to see if they too can make a dime for their services and support of a government takeover. If Pimp Daddy Reid can swing enough green their way, Snowe and Collins will make Eliot Spitzer’s high priced hooker, Ashley Dupree look like Mother Theresa. You can also be sure that Reid’s prostitution ring is not limited to women only. Montana’s Max Baucus will be showered with pork in more than a few amendments that will swing money his way. As for Joe Lieberman, his involvement in the prostitution ring does not involve financial remuneration. It involves his chairmanship of the lucrative and powerful Homeland Security Committee. If Lieberman is not willing to bend over on this vote, he is not likely to be chairman of anything, for very long.

This is not the first political prostitution ring on The Hill and it won’t be the last. But so far it is the most clandestine and most expensive one yet. More healthcare reform business has taken place behind closed doors and more pork barrel, monkey business has taken place under the sheets on this one than any other legislation that has ever preceded it.

Sadly, the existing prostitution ring is immune from prosecution. This ring is as legal as prostitution is in Vegas. But a grand jury of voters could still have a say come November of 2010. It is then that senators like Pimp Daddy Reid and Louisiana’s version of Ashley Dupree, Louisiana’s Magnolia Madame Mary Landrieu, along with Arkansas’ Blanche Lincoln and several others, could be found incompetent and kicked out of office. But in the mean time, it may be too late. The damage may be done, because the more hurdles this government takeover overcomes, the more likely it is to pass.

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