This Week’s Political Winners and Losers

  Politics 24/7 Winners and Losers

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Week of 11/8/09 through 11/15/09


Politics 24/7 Thumbs Down

holderEric HolderPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Once considered one of the most prominent prosecutors in America, Eric Holder’s decision to forego a military tribunal for the five enemy combatants who have plead guilty to planning the attacks of 9/11, is an irresponsible travesty that will have a negative impact of such longevity that I believe it will become partly responsible for the defeat of President Obama in 2012. The fact that Holder has called for a civilian trial in New York City will haunt him, the President, New Yorkers and the nation for year’s to come. Jury selection alone will take months if not almost a year. Than there will be the public declarations and messages of the 9/11 Five who will love every minute they have to get their message out. This is in addition to the heightened threat that the worldwide attention the attention will provide and produce. These murdering bastards admit to their deeds, were caught on the engaging our forces on the field of battle and should be tried in the suitable environment that a military tribunal provides for. Not allowing that to happen is something that can cost the President his presidency and more importantly, many Americans their lives. Eric Holder is a loser so large that we will all end up suffering because of him.

Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidSenate Majority Leader Harry ReidPhotobucketPhotobucket
After Nancy Pelosi delivered on a plan for big government takeover of healthcare, Dirty Harry is on the spot. Now with Harry’s hands on healthcare he is trying to whip his members into a compromise version that will please the President and please his liberal base. Harry’s house is going to be a difficult one to keep in order. There are many on his own side of the aisle who are already saying that the bill the senate is working is already a no go. One senator who caucuses with Democrats is even threatening to join Republicans and filibuster. In the mean time, instead of offering leadership on healthcare and doing something his counterpart in the House didn’t do, Harry trudges along, behind closed doors and refuses to bring Republicans into negotiations. And what pray tell do we here is going on behind closed? We hear that Harry is inventing a new tax to pay for whatever it is that he allows a final vote on
President Obama Bows To Emperor AkihitoPresident Barack H. ObamaPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket  

The President went off to Asia on another attempt to make this one world, under Barack, unrecognizable and insufferable, for all. His first stop was Japan where met up with the new Prime Minister. Then he stopped by to offer his “wass ups” to the Emperor of Japan. And what did he go and do? He bows down to Hirohito’s son——Hirohito’s son!  The gesture was disrespectful to every World War II, veteran, dead or alive, and to all those currently serving our nation as well. With no demonstration of mutual respect in the greeting from one head of state to the other, the bow sends a signal of inferiority that is just….well, …un-American. Thankfully he didn’t go to Japan and apologize for America getting in Japan’s way before they could finish their “good work”, back in the 40’s, but to go and bow to their Emperor? Come on man, act like the President of the United States, not like the President and C.E.O of Banana Republic. We all know by now just how enthralled this President is with all things foreign. He would drink a snifter full of urine if the French gave it a fancy name, but this disrespecting of America has got to stop. It wasn’t bad enough that he bowed to Saudi Kings and Princes, which the White House still denies he did, but now he has to go to Japan and bow to their Emperor, Hirohito’s heir. Does President Obama not realize that it was our opposition to royalty that founded this nation and gave birth to democracy? Does he not realize that we look down on monarchies, not bow down to them?  



POLITICS 24/7 Thumbs Up

Lou DobbsLou Dobbs PhotobucketPhotobucket

The distinguished journalist and economist quit CNN, the Cable News Network. The move was a damn good one. I am not a big fan of Dobbs. Nothing personal, but he sometimes rubs me the wrong way. However; he is decent man who knows of what he speaks and speaks it well. He is a far cry better than the pseudo intellectuals running around the Communist News Network and patting themselves on the back. And after it was recently discovered that CNN was actually the lowest rated news network of them all, it became clear that Dobbs really is too good for them. I mean, it says a lot if MSNBC can be considered better than you at something. So Louie’s leaving CNN can now allow him to move on to bigger and better things. Any network would pay good money to have him. Perhaps Fox Business News would make a good home for him. But maybe his home state will have something for him. New Jersey, where Lou lives, will be targeting the seat of liberal US Senator Bob Menendez in 2012. If someone like my favored choice, John Crowley, doesn’t jump in the race, Lou Dobbs might be just the man to give Bobby Menendez a run for his money. Dobbs is a strong right leaning, independent with impressive credentials on things like the economy and he has plenty of name recognition in New Jersey. In a state where one must buy exposure for themselves in the nation’s two most expensive media markets, name ID is half the battle and he could be just what the NJGOP to finally win a senate seat in Jersey. Whatever Lou Dobbs decides to do though, breaking free from the losers at CNN makes him a big winner.

Sarah Palin's Going Rogue

Sarah Palin PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Liberals can make all the fun of Sarah Palin that they want, but while they are spewing their venom and making fun of her, she is making money and having the last laugh. Even before her book “Going Rogue” hits the shelves this Tuesday, it has already made several bestsellers lists and is number one in advanced sales on “Going Rogue” is going gold and while the left is wallowing in contempt for Sarah, she is rolling in the dough. It is a sign of her popularity and further evidence that her options are still open. Whether she wants to run for the US Senate, national office or dog catcher, her future is so bright that we have to wear shades. All this promise in Palin is a big difference from the popularity that Nancy Pelosi’s book received. Her 2008 release of “Know Your Power” didn’t really spark much interest. In its first week, “Know Your Power” sold only less than 2,800 copies and even less than that each week from there on. The interest in Pelosi’s book was so nonexistent that I believe she owed her publisher money when all was said and done. In fact, Barnes & Nobels had to send Nancy a bill for garbage collection services that were needed to remove her book from their shelves. Not Sarah though. She didn’t even have to endure hours of plastic surgery, like Nancy did, just so that she would look halfway decent on her book cover. Poor Nancy. But good going Sarahcuda! “Going Rogue” makes her a winner this week.

9 11 Five The 9/11 Five

 I pray to God that people as horrible as these never again be given the opportunity to be placed in a winners column. These five demonic deliverers of devastation and death were caught on the field of battle and proudly admitted to having played a role in the events of 9/11. Yet Eric Holder and the Obama Administration refuse to have these sons of bitches appropriately tried in a military tribunal. Instead they will be tried in a New York City civilian court where they will have the opportunity to deliver their message to a world wide audience provided to them by the decision of this administration. The granting of a civilian trial will allow these murderers the opportunity for the type of attention that only another major terrorist attack could afford them. Hopefully these bastards will get what is coming to them. But I also hope that those who made the decision to treat the 9/11 five like civilians, go to the same hell and face an eternity of pain and suffering similar to that of the pain and suffering that their decision may cause. Sound harsh? Well too bad! I am going to compensate for the lack of strong language that this Administration is willing to use when it comes to combating terrorism………which by the way, is word they refuse to use.  In the mean time, getting the against-all-odds opportunity to be heard in a civilian court gives these five 9/11 conspirators, just what they want and for that, unfortunately, they are winners this week.   Thank you very much much Mr. President.

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  1. You get a traditional Navy “Well Done” for this post. The Affirmative Action Attorney General and The Chosen One enjoy seeing terrorists go free, right Ayers, Dohrn, and F.A.L.N.?

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