How Government Run Health Care Will Rip Your Heart Out

Bookmark and Share    Last week former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop made his views on existing healthcare reforms known to our nation’s legislative C. Everette Koop Letterleaders. His message to them was, be careful about the reforms they make and also urged that whatever they do, do not make a bill that forces doctors and medical students to perform abortions.

Koop, now 93 years of age, is currently a Senior Scholar at the C. Everett Koop Institute at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. The Granite State and DC are not exactly within walking distance, so Koop didn’t make the journey to Washington to try and deliver his message in person. Instead he wrote what he called a “beautifully typed letter a letter”. From their, the letter was going to an associate going the way of Washington.

The hand delivered letters were dropped off at the offices of all its intended recipients. But somewhere along the line, inside the office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, C. Everett Koop’s “beautifully typed” missive was placed in an “out box”. What ensued was an unimagined comedy of errors.

The typed, had delivered letter was placed in an unstamped envelope that had the name “C. Everett Koop” written in the upper left hand corner. When a member Senator Reid’s staff came across the letter in the “outbox” they became petrified by the possibilities. Good Gawd almighty, how did an unstamped letter from the former Reagan Administration Surgeon General get into the wrong box?——Oh my!

So with sharp, lightning fast instincts, the experienced bureaucrats in the Democrat Senate Majority Leader’s office called the police. With equally rapid speed they appeared on the scene of the crime. Staffers in Reid’s office were promptly evacuated and all others were urged to “stay away” as letter opening experts dressed in special anti-contamination suits secured the scary hand written envelope. Once opened, forensic experts were quickly called in to examine the threatening letter that was so ominously placed in Harry Reid’s out box .

According to the Capitol Hill newspaper, Roll Call, and hour later the array of medical examiners, spaced suited sleuths, armed officers, forensic analysts and professional letter openers “cleared” the offending letter.

Upon learning of the major disruption that Koop and his beautifully typed letter caused in the nation’s Capitol, he stated “I wasn’t aware that sending a hand-delivered was an offense” and added “I can’t believe all this nonsense”.

The incident actually teaches us some unintended lessons.

If a hand written envelope, in the hand of bureaucrats, could cause the hoopla, angst, and expense that this one did, all because a letter that should have been in an “inbox” was carelessly placed in an “outbox” by a well trained government employee, what do you think will happen if your 15 page application to the Health Choices Czar or Health Procedures Approval Czar has an error in it? What if you forget to dot that ‘I” or cross that “T”?   What if you transposed the wrong code number for the wrong procedure and instead of getting that annoying pimple taken off your ass, the Health Care Procedures Approval Czar instructs their government surgeons to remove a kidney or perform a tracheotomy on your throat?

And when one of the bureaucrats handling your medical billing records, puts your payment for your recent heart valve surgery in the outbox instead of the inbox, what then? Will the Health Care Financial Assistance Czar put in a repossession order and have federal surgeons rip your heart out?

Face it folks, federal bureaucrats should not be running health care. They can’t even manage the papers they shuffle.  If the government bureaucracy can’t handle a letter from 93 year old Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, do you really want them arranging your heart surgery?   

Just ask C. Everett Koop and the staff of Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

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