Chris Christie Wins New Jersey!! Republicans Win ’09 Big!!

Bookmark and Share  So far, in Republican strongholds like Monmouth and Ocean County, Chris Christie is over performing!

large_Chris-Christie-wins-GOP-primaryChristine Todd Whitman was the last Republican to win statewide office in New Jersey and she did so, in part, due to racking up large pluralities in Monmouth and Ocean. Chris Christie is winning those counties by 30 and 50 thousand more than Christine Todd Whitman did in her two gubernatorial elections. On the other side of the coin, Corzine is underperforming in many Democrat strongholds.

Based on existing trends during day, POLITICS 24/7 projected Chris Christie the winner early this afternoon. It is safe to say WE WERE RIGHT!

However we may be wrong about how much Christie wins by.

It could be by more than the 3% we predicted!!

So far between a clean sweep of all three statewide offices in Virginia, including the office of Governor, it looks as though, in this first test of President Obama’s clout, he has fallen flat. Jon Corzine morphed himself into the President and campaigned as though he was President Obama’s running mate . The President himself has visited New Jersey 3 times and campaigned for Corzine in many heavily African-America strongholds. Yet this still failed to bring out the numbers that the President and Governor Corzine needed.

On another note, Independent Chris Daggett has hurt Corzine more than Christie. It has been established that most of the voters who supported Daggett, would have been Corzine voters if Dagget was not in the race. Although Chris Daggett’s vote total is miniscule, if this race is close his 6 or so percent could be a lethal blow to Corzine’s reelection effort.

The collective results of all the races around the country have yet to be fully felt. It won’t be until late tonight that we know who picked up seats in state legislatures and who lost seats in state legislatures. It is unlikely that there were any great switches in New Jersey, but Virginia is a different story. Bob McDonnell had coattails. But clearly, so far the results are a setback for Democrats. They have lost statehouses and momentum as they now begin to gear up for next year’s crucial midterm elections.

Sadly, Chris Christie will not win tonight because people believe in him or like him. 42% of those who voted for him stated that their vote was not really for Christie. It was against Corzine. So Christie doesn’t start off with an electorate enthusiastic about him.

Current results look like this:

  79% of precincts reporting:

Christie, Chris GOP 921,809 49%

 Corzine, Jon (i) Dem 834,349 45%

Daggett, Christopher Ind 101,378 5%

Kaplan, Kenneth Ind 3,403 0%

Steele, Gary Ind 2,518 0%

Cullen, Jason Ind 2,085 0%

 Petris, Kostas Ind 2,046 0%

Meiswinkle, David Ind 1,928 0%

Pason, Gregory Ind 1,471 0%

Stein, Gary Ind 1,234 0%

Leinsdorf, Joshua Ind 813 0%

Lindsay, Alvin Ind 531 0%

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One response to “Chris Christie Wins New Jersey!! Republicans Win ’09 Big!!

  1. Excited over nothing at all.

    Much ado about nothing.

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