Establishment Republicans Get Knocked Out By Anti-Establishment Republicans In New York

Bookmark and Share    In the wee hours of the morning POLITICS 24/7 had learned that that the National Republican
Doug Hoffman

Conservative Republican Doug Hoffman

Congressional Committee was withdrawing resources from the special election to fill the vacancy in the 23rd district congressional district of New York.   POLITICS 24/7 noted that between a cessation of ads and a withdrawal of Republican workers on the ground out of the 23rd and into New Jersey indicated that to the NRCC, winning the election with the Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava was impossible.

This morning, Assemblywoman Scozzafava withdrew from the race as she announced that for the good of the community, she was suspending her campaign and releasing those who endorsed her and her supported her to do back who ever they see fit.

Citing a recent Sienna Research Institute poll that put Scozzafava behind her closest rival by as much as 14 percentage points, the Assemblywoman claimed that she did not have the funds have to make up all the ground she needed to cover to win this election.

The 23rd was previously held by Republican Congressman John McHugh who resigned his seat after President Obama appointed him to the position of  United States’ Secretary of the Army. The seat is a totally Republican congressional district. It has been in Republican hands since 1871 and the most that aDemocrat candidate normally receives there is 38%. And that is in the worst of environments for Republicans and best of environments for Democrats.

However, when the establishment Republicans of New York joined forces with national establishment Republicans, they decided to run Dede Scozzafava, a New York State Assemblywoman with a particularly liberal record. Perhaps the thinking of establishment Republicans was that in the age of Obamunism, a left of center Republican would be more palatable. So in typical fashion, for the sake of political expediency, the Gop leadership delivered the nomination to Dede.

Problem is that Dede Scozzafava was not just left of center, she was down right off the map left.  As a supporter of ACORN, high taxes, increased spending, and abortion, in past elections, Scozzafava accepted the nomination of the Working Family Party and ran under their name . The WFP is a socialist organization, that simply stretches the meaning of “family” and exploit’s the word “working”. In addition to that, Dede Scozzafava’s husband is a big SEIU organizer. SEIU is the union that stands shoulder to shoulder with ACORN. Scozzafava’s family connection to one of the largest unions in the nation has allowed her to endorse Card Check legislation which strips individuals rights and tightens the grip of control that unions have.

All together, Dede Scozzafava’s inclinations, were not just left of center, they were offensively liberal to the people of a red district. The fact that many establishment types endorsed her only added salt to the wounds of many conservatives.

So in came Sara Palin. She became the most prominent anti-establishment to come out and endorse a third party candidate against Assemblywoman Scozzafava. Palin proudly proclaimed her support for Doug Hoffman a Republican running on the New York Conservative Party line.

Others began to follow her lead. People like former Senator Fred Thompson came to Hoffman’s side. So did people like Republican Congressman Todd Tihart of Kansas former House leader Dick Armey, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and even former New York Governor George Pataki.

Pretty soon it became clear that the GOP was becoming sharply divided and the establishment mentality which helped lose the White House in 2008 and the House in 2006 was rearing its ugly head again as Republican renegades abandoned party label loyalties to declare their commitment to Republican principles.

Perhaps  the one person whose reputation was damaged most here was former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, a leader long considered unconventional and a visionary.

Gingrich was one of the most adamant supporters of liberal Scozzafava. He was persistent in his campaign to make sure that Republicans stuck together and stood behind Dede Scozzafava because she was a Republican. Problems is that Scozzafava may have been a Republican on the ballot but she was at heart, a DIABLO, a Democrat In All But Label Only. Gingrich’s failure to call a spade a spade here tarnished his own renegade credentials and helped move him into the ranks of the “establishment”.

Bottom line in the 23rd Congressional District is this. The anti-establishmentarians of the GOP, the ones who are the future of the Republican Party, scored a decisive victory in the 23rd, even before the first Election Day ballots have been cast. Scozzafava’s withdrawal from the race is proof of that. The suspension of her effort for Congress means that the continuation of at least one pseudo-Republican campaign has been blown to bits by the purity of principles and the sincerity of purpose that true Republicans believe the GOP must represent.

Even if Democrat Bill Owens happens to win this on Tuesday, anti-establishment Republicans will still have won. They will have made it clear to that establishmentarians in the Party, that they better stop losing by acting liberals and start trying to win by acting like Republicans, conservative Republicans, not Arlen Specter Republicans.

Currently, Doug Hoffman seems to be the beneficiary of Scozzafava’s suddenly derailed campaign but if her 20% or so, will all come out and vote for Doug Hoffman is yet to be seen. Some Scozzafava fans may have bitter feelings over the split that Hoffman’s candidacy created. So far RNC Chairman Mike Steele has declared that with Dede Scozzafava out of the race, the RNC endorses Hoffman and will pump their resources in to Hoffman’s campaign during these closing days.

That is important. Those resources will provide Hoffman with the finances needed to saturate the district with ads that can increase his exposure more than ten times the extent that his limited war chest had permitted up to this point in time.

The race will most likely be much closer than it ever has been, but with three days left, Republicans could just get their act together and elect one of the only conservatives to Congress to hale from America’s North East.

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