President Obama Sends A Message To Cuban Dictator Raul Castro

Bookmark and Share   President Obama asked Spain’s Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Mortatinos to deliver a CUBAmessage from him to Cuban figurehead, dictator Raul Castro, or the dying dog who is really in charge, Fidel Castro. 

Reuters reports that President Obama wants Mortatinos to let them know that if Cuba wants a better relationship with the United States, the Castro’s have to “do their “part to help reform and improve human relations”.

What,….. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wasn’t available to make that phone call?  Or maybe President Obama is just saving her energy so that she can brief her husband on the circumstances around his next set of negotians, on behalf of  the administration, with North Korea?

Spain Foreign MinisterAnd how exactly will we improve our relationship with the Communist Cuban Castro’s?  Does President Obama plan on making them eligible for some stimulus package money? 

I’m not sure what’s going on here but I am relieved to know that Spain can conduct foriegn policy for us.  Maybe we can allow China to direct our economic policies.  They buy most of our debt anyway.

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One response to “President Obama Sends A Message To Cuban Dictator Raul Castro

  1. zara

    LOL dying dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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