President Obama’s Approval Ratings Drop Like A Rock

Bookmark and Share   Here’s a challenge for our ever so open minded, factually challenged, rewriters of history and poor prognosticators of the future who are otherwise known as the radical liberal left.

"Holy Pelosi, They're How Low?!"

While you glaze over the details and facts surrounding such things as government run health management and care reform, the war in Afghanistan, the cost of Crap-and-Tax environmental hoaxes, the highest unemployment rates since Jimmy Obama Carter, a stimulus package that has delivered the highest deficit in the history of our or just about any nation, missile tests in North Korea and Iran and the uncontained effects H1N1, ask yourself this;

Why is it that President Barack H. Obama just measured the largest quarterly drop in approval ratings that any elected president has seen  between the second and third quarters of his term, in over five and half decades?

A check of the most recent Gallup Daily tracking poll that covers the third quarter of the President’s first year in office, the period between July20th through Oct 19th , shows, as indicated below, that President Obama received an average of 53% in his job Gallup_Obama_quarterly_approvalapproval rating.  His 9 point drop since his second and third quarter job approval ratings is the most precipitous drop of any President in Gallup’s long history.

It is hard to say how much this really means. This historic drop in approval did take place during the three months in which the President was barnstorming the nation, delivering several national addresses, including one rare, primetime address given before a joint session of Congress all for the purpose of rushing government run health management and care. That could just be part of why he has his reached his most recent low.

trumanThe only thing we know for sure  is that trend is developing .  It shows the President has been seeing  his approval ratings  decline every quarter he is in office and as indicated by Gallup, his most recent quarter has been his worst. This could cause pessimistic observers to believe that the more President Obama does and says, the more we dislike him. Those same observers note that at this rate, by November of 2011, President Obama is scheduled to exceed the lowest approval rating of any President in history. A title held by Democrat Harry Truman. 

Obama Sees Approval Slide in His Third Quarter

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