Illegal Immigrants Don’t Want Illegal Alien Halloween Costumes Sold

They also don’t want to be arrested or deported but what does that have to do with anything?

Bookmark and Share   Okay; so the latest liberal list of demands and rants of political correctness are coming from “pro-illegal immigration policy” punks.

Kempite Illegal Alien CostumeAs Halloween approaches and stores begin to kick off the time of year when they see their annual profits made, retailers are hoping to jump start the season with sales of Halloween costumes. Kids young and old, big and tall, fat and skinny, black white, brown, yellow and every color under the rainbow participate in the tradition. So there exists a large market for costumes. Given the slumping sales of late, retailers are doing and selling whatever they can to pick up profits.

Among the usual standards like goblins and ghouls, skeletons and skippers, pirates and princesses and the like, there are always new costumes created. They could be new movie or cartoon characters or maybe even new politicians or Presidents. This year “new” is especially good when it comes to trying to pick up sales and a  new one did actually come out this year. It was featured in Target as well as Toys ’R’ Us, Walgreens, Amazon and several other retailers. It depicted an outers space alien with the use of a green, big eyed  mask that came with a prison orange jumpsuit that reads Illegal Alien on the front of it in bold black letters. It also came with a relatively large green card that read “Green Card”.

The description on the costumes packaging reads “He didn’t just cross a border, he crossed a galaxy!” “He’s got his green card, but it’s from another planet! Sure to get some laughs”.

Personally, I think it’s funny, not hysterical, but amusing. I think it’s kind of  creative.  From a profit margin perspective, it’s wise. The costume requires only three pieces and hardly any accessories, which in the end, makes it cheap to make, and offering the potential for greater profit. At least it could have.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights and several other pro-illegal immigration rights groups have stepped in and cried foul. They claim that it is inappropriate. Representatives of these groups state that it is insensitive, ignorant of social stigmas and not good for the current debate dealing with illegal immigration and immigration reform. They took their case to Target as well as other retailers who were selling this costume and threatened them. They told places like French owned, Minneapolis based Target that they would organize protests, pickets and stop shopping in their stores.

In short time Target spokesman Joshua Thomas confirmed that after receiving complaints they have pulled the illegal alien costume off their shelves.

Well score onefor the illegal immigration lobby. Another one.

They have successfully conveyed the message that people do not have the right to buy legal products that they want and that stores don’t have the right to sell the legal items that their customers want , but, …..illegal immigrants have the right to come to America and take others rights away.

Think that is harsh? Maybe. But the way I see it, the free market is not free because illegal,……..that’s “illegal”,…. immigrants,   want the right to come to America and live in America “illegally”. They are hurt by the sight of a costume that demonstrates a play on words.

Well you know what, I am hurt by the presence of illegal, undocumented immigrants who are placing incredible strains on the health, emergency, and law enforcement fields all over my country. I am hurt by the costs of the presence of illegal immigrants who are living off of the taxes that hard working Americans are mandated to pay in order to provide services to people who are breaking the law and still gaining access to a host of public services that they are not pay for.

One member of The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Angelica Salas of Los Angeles, said that she was concerned over the tone that such a costume would set in the current immigration reform debate. What tone? What debate? There is no debate on illegal immigration anymore. Not a real one anyway. That debate has been pulled off the front burner a and stuck in the freezer while Democrats try to figure out how to finance government run health management and care for illegal immigrants and how they can give them right to vote by the time the midterm elections roll around.

I will b e honest with you. I do not have a problem or take issue with immigrants. After being born an American only after the efforts of immigrant great and great-great grandparents, I see immigrants as people who I am an equal to. I am no better or worse than any immigrant from anywhere in the world. But I do have a problem with illegal immigrants. I have a big problem with them. And that is regardless of where they came from, what religion they are or what the color of their skin is. I also have a particular problem with protests that try to deny me the right to purchase a legal item and for the right of stores to sell legal items.  If Ms. Salas is offended by the costume in question, than I would hope that she does not buy one but I am damn offended that she has the nerve to demand that others not have the right to buy it.  Even more offensive to me is the fact that I can’t buy it because it is not deemed “politically correct”by these groups of concerned aliens and because it hurts the feeling of illegal immigrants.

Bottom line……I don’t give a damn about the feelings of illegal immigrants.

Until they seek to abide by the laws of the land that they want to call home, I have no responsibility to them. As an American, I have a responsibility to my fellow citizens and nation but I do not have a responsibility to my fellow illegal alien.

For that reason I suggest all law abiding citizens, those both America and foreign born, join together and make sure that we protest and complain and threaten Congress as well as the pro-illegal immigration, pro-open border lobby protested, complained, and threatened stores for selling a costume that they did not like. Let Congress know that you are less concerned with politically incorrect  Halloween costumes than you are with legally correct laws and law enforcement which combats the scourge of illegal immigration. Let Congress know that we want a secure border and a system that punishes illegal immigration, not reward it.

In the mean time, there are some retailers and wholesalers not bowing to politically correct but legally incorrect immigrants. As of the writing of this post, was selling it but sold out but the time I finished writing the post. I was quite sure that a slew or at least a few would be available on eBay, but I have a feeling that eBay pulled any auctions of the costume down because there were no such items that could be found when using the term “illegal alien costume”. One location that I was still selling it was I am sure that thrifty internet users can locate others places but while has ‘em,….get ‘em.

When the immigration reform debate does begin, I plan on wearing mine to every rally, hearing and town hall meeting that is held on the issue. And if illegal immigrants don’t like it…………TOO BAD!    They can go back across the border and not buy it where they came from!  Sound a little rough.   You bet it is.  When push comes to shove, I shove back and the pc police who want to arrest me for my thoughts but protect illegal immigrants for their illegal activity is pushing to far.  So yeah, I sound insensitive.  It is hard to demonstrate compassion when people are stealing from us and others want you to look the other way.

Be a Patriot.  Click On The Link Below To Get Your Illegal Alien Halloween Costume And Be Prepared For Next Year’s Town Hall Meetings On Immigration Reform

wher you can still but the illegal alien costume

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2 responses to “Illegal Immigrants Don’t Want Illegal Alien Halloween Costumes Sold

  1. Chuck

    As a member of the Galactic Immigration Rights Council, I can attest to the insensitivity of this costume. There are hard working space aliens all over the galaxy with expired or forged green cards, and all they want is to earn an honest living. Why just last month our Alien Action Team in the Cygnus 7 galaxy cluster documented over 4,000 cases of illegal alien exploitation. Many worked in cloning factories and warp drive assembly plants, but to our surprise about 1000 of them were making products for WalMart.

    The life of an intergalactic illegal alien is harsh an thankless, and I would hope to see a bit more sympathy from people like you…really.

    Planet 7
    Gamma 17 Globular Cluster
    Earth District Coordinator
    Galactic Immigration Rights Council
    (A division of ACORN)

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