Trust and Taxes: New Ad Offers A Preview of the 2010 Midterm Elections

Bookmark and Share   As usual, the party in power is not looking strong as they head into the midterm elections of 2010. Many of next year’s races are already shaping up and although anything, anything can happen to change the trust and taxescurrent outlook, it is never too early to start setting a tone that is favorable to the party which one runs under.

Republicans have begun to do just that. And one issue has provided them with all that they need to set that tone.

That one issue is government run health management and care. The way in which the President and Democrat led Congress is tackling the issue and the type of reforms they are demanding, is actually creating more doubt than solving any problems and at the same time, it is exposing all of their vulnerabilities.

The reforms Democrats are seeking on the issue are making people wonder just how far Democrats will go in trying to control our lives. The party which once used the issue of abortion to convince people that they stand for freedom of “choice”, has taken the issue of healthcare and made it clear that they in fact lead by eliminating choices. Mandatory healthcare reforms that offer fines and imprisonment if you do not purchase the insurance that liberals demand is not choice. It is tyranny.

The language which Democrat health management and care mandates use have people understanding that Democrats are actually trying to create political panels which offer “end of life counseling” that stand between you and doctors so that political appointees can decide what is best for you.

Even the way Democrats have conducted themselves throughout this debate has been quite revealing. There tricks and lies and distortions have made the American people quite leery of their sincerity. Early attempts to pass a bill as voluminous and sweeping as H.R. 3200 with so much speed that members of Congress had to admit that they haven’t read the bill they were to vote on, forced people to wonder how responsible the Democrat majority really is. Their rejection of Republicans amendments such as the one which mandated that members of Congress be enrolled into the same health insurance plan that they mandate the people to enroll in highlighted Democrat hypocrisy and proved that apparently liberals do not believe that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

The issue has also highlighted Democrat’s love for spending money. Our money, not theirs.

The health reforms that they seek would create at least 8 new taxes and increase the rate of several old taxes. These are taxes that would not just affect the so called “rich” who liberals always feel need to be punished for their success. It would effectively raise costs on middle and lower income Americans, the people that Democrats try to claim they are the champions of.

Government mandates, end of life counseling, politically appointed medical panels, forced enrollment, attempts to pass bills they have not read, increased costs and higher taxes, all of this has begs to question who Democrats think they are and if they really have any respect for the Constitution and their constituents. The changes the President and his liberal leaders in Congress are mandating and the way they have handled the issue has handed Republicans the campaign strategies to run on in 2010.

Part of that strategy is beginning to unfold as Republicans begin to do what any campaign must try to do, define their opponent. If you can define your opponent for the public, you have a better chance of controlling the agenda and forcing the opposition to run on a field that is to your advantage and to their disadvantage. Such is the case with Republicans as the 2010 midterm elections approach.

In the following ad, Republicans are beginning to insure that Democrats are kept on the shaky ground they deserve. In it two of the most critical areas of vulnerability that Democrats have exposed themselves to with their mandated reforms are highlighted. Trust and Taxes.

The ad drives home the point that Democrats are using health management and care reform to simply raise taxes

In it the G.O.P. has begun to breakdown the healthcare reform debacle that Democrats have created and expose all that has made them vulnerable to an electoral backlash. During difficult economic times, people do not like things being made tougher. They tend to reject that which costs them more and burdens them more and see it is counterproductive. So in this ad, Republicans demonstrate the counterproductive measures that Democrats are pushing in the form of increased taxes.

The other thing made clear here is the lack of trust warranted by voters when it comes to Democrats. This is driven home by a simple example of how they and their party lie through of all people, the top Democrat, President Obama. A clip of President Obama in an interview with former Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos, President Obama is shown lying about liberal health insurance reforms. In it, the Commander in Chief tries to claim that the mandatory fees and fines that his party calls for are not taxes. When the definition of what a tax is, the President tries to refute the definition and explain that it does not apply to the Democrat reform plans.

Trust and taxes. That’s what it comes down. You can trust Democrats to raise taxes but you can’t trust them to tell the truth. That is what this new ad essentially reveals and if Democrats continue with their tax and spend policies and strategies of lies, it could be what brings them down in 2010.

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