Mazel Tov: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Is Jewish

Bookmark and Share   In what looks like a case of methinks thou doth protest too much, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly was born Jewish.

ahmadinejad-jewish-mainThe son of a supporter of the Iranian President has disclosed that Ahmadinejad was born of Jewish descent with the surname Saburjian. Apparently records show that Ahmadinejad changed the name on his I.D. card from Saburjian to his current Muslim name.

According to the son of Ayatollah Abu Al-Kassam Khazali, the former Mr. Saburjian “hides his Jewish roots by attacking Israel and the Jews, and by expressing strong Muslim religious beliefs“.

British newspapers report that relatives of Iran’s President have stated that “a mixture of religious and economic reasons” did in fact prompt the Saburjian family to change their name. Recent hereditary documents prepared by Iranian genealogists have added new fuel to these findings and now leaves us wondering how the Jewish Iranian President will handle this.

Considering Ahmadinejed’s support for terrorism, deep rooted hatred of Jews and his repeated call for Israel to be pushed off the face of the earth I would suggest that the Muslim madman perform an act of terrorism, on himself, and spare us all from the obviously tormented existence that he lives as Jewish Jew hater.

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