Congressman Alan Grayson: “Die Quickly”, Please!

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So Democrats were highly offended by Republican claims that the liberal plan for government run health management and care actually created bureaucratic political appointed panels designed to determine the type of treatment that severely ill people should be granted and what has been called end of life counseling. That very process which was outlined in H.R. 3200 was exaggerated by some and described as death panels. The phrase tried to define the process as a group of individuals who would stand between you and doctors and determine the treatment that you should get or even if you were worth the cost of getting treatment.

For the record, the concern was not initiated by Republicans. It initially came from the public who became concerned the the combination of government managed healthcare, end of life counseling and the attempt to cut costs could lead to what some called death panels and others called a legitimate concern because of the language in the bill.

In an attempt to make the Republican claim seem totally irrational, Democrats took the vivid description a step further and claimed that Republicans were suggesting that Democrats wanted to “pull the plug on grandma”. In fact, the first person to use that phrase in the current healthcare debate was President Obama. During an early August town hall meeting on the issue in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the President used the phrase and attributed it to be how Republicans described H.R. 3200.

The situation would seem to be one where the President and Democrats exaggerated Republican exaggerations. But as if that was not enough, Democrats continue to escalate the already overembelished claims even more than before.

On Tuesday, Florida Democrat Alan Grayson took the floor and stated that Republicans want you to not get sick and if you do get sick, they want you to die quickly. But he didn’t even just say it, he actually had his staff prepare poster boards with his claim that want you die to quick printed on it.

Now I am not one immune from the lure of using the power of dramatic flare that exaggeration can have to make a point. However, in order to exaggerate something, there must be something to exaggerate. In the case of H.R. 3200, embellished claims about bureaucratic boards that would determine how individuals get treatment and the language which described end of life counseling, led to questions about whether or not the government would begin to decide who is worthy of expensive treatments and who is not. There was a legitimate concern to exaggerate. There was something to embellish.   But in the case of Alan Grayson, he has nothing in the Republican healthcare proposals which he could possibly embellish into the claim that “Republicans want you to die quickly”

Grayson’s deplorable and deceitful approach to ramming through government run health management and care warrants a public statement from the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives which makes it clear that they distance themselves from Grayson’s remarks.

If they refuse to distance themselves from this kind of demagoguery than they must take the blame for adding to the divisive atmosphere that prevails on this and many other issues.

Until such time as a public statement denouncing Grayson’s theatrics and charges comes from the Democrat majority, they cannot expect others to engage in debate with any sincere spirit of cooperation. In fact, without a public denouncement of Grayson’s propaganda, they should expect the level of discourse to only increase.

As for Representative Alan Grayson, in my opinion, based upon his record of uselessness and total lack of honesty and decorum, he should do us all a favor and follow the advice that he falsely attributes to Republicans.

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