Dems Begin To Derail Their Own Party’s Public Option

Bookmark and Share   In a close vote which moderate Democrats made the difference, the Senate Finance Committee voted down amendments to health management and care reform legislation that called for the so called public option. With 10 Republicans and 13 Democrats on the finance committee, Democrats who do not see any JayRockefellermerit in a “public option” provided the margin that led to this most recent determination. The particular amendment voted on was proposed y the rarely effectively liberal Senator from West Virginia, Jay Rockefeller.

Blanche Lincoln, Kent Conrad and most telling of all, the Senate Finance Committee’s Chairman, Senator Max Baucus were the Democrats responsible for reaching the public option.

This does not end debate or attempts by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to ram mandatory government run health insurance and care through Congress, however this is a setback to them and a gain for the American people. Next on the docket is another similar amendment for a different government run health care option being proposed by New York liberal Schmuck Schumer. That vote looks like it is headed for the same rejection that Jay Rockerfeller’s amendment received from his finance committee colleagues.

This vote essentially sends to the entire Senate, an opinion in objection to the deceptively titled public insurance option that would most assuredly usher in a greater amount of government control and largess that many believe is not only ineffective and ultimately detrimental but also unconstitutional.

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