When Will They Grow Up?

Bookmark and Share    When Bill Clinton was President of the United States, with childlike thinking, he could do no wrong. Anything and everything he did had an excuse and could be excused away.

ClintoVRWCWhile running for President, when it became impossible for candidate Clinton to deny smoking marijuana during his college years, he admitted trying it but instead of taking responsibility for it, he excused it away by saying he did not inhale.

When Gennifer Flowers released tape recordings that captured Bill Clinton’s discussion of a cover-up of their affair and his giving her a state job, the Clinton’s claimed it was not true and media outlets from CNN to the Washington Post initially kept the contents secret as for as long as possible.

Then the Post went so far as to say that “segments of the excerpts could support either Flowers’ version of events or Clinton’s.” The recordings caught the President-to-be telling his mistress “If they ever ask if you’ve talked to me about it, you can say no” and “If they ever hit you with it, just say no and go on. There’s nothing they can do. I expected them to look into it and come interview you. But if everybody is on record denying it, no problem“. Yet despite the truth of reality, the liberal establishment wanted us to believe that none of this was true. The collusion of a vast liberal establishment explained it away. They said it was Gennifer Flowers who was wrong and that the good governor of Arkansas was nothing other than a victim.

 Liberal collusion excused away, the incident and rather than question the integrity of the President-to-be, and heed the warning message, the liberal establishment sought to kill the messenger.

These were just two of more than two dozen scandals large and small. Some people can minimize the not inhaling and mistress escapades as insignificant or meaningless. To an extent, that may be true, however; as insignificant as some of these individual cases may or may not have been, Clinton’s denials and excuses were not insignificant. In fact, his denials and excuses became even more important than the initial transgressions which prompted them. They were signs of a lack of integrity, sincerity, responsibility as well as a lack of maturity.

But as time forged ahead so did the Clinton’s and their strategy of denial. The excuses turned into lies and the more scandals that broke the more lies developed. It was a trend that eventually became the norm and almost reached a point of not even being newsworthy anymore.

Until, the lies were told to a grand jury.

During the course of an official investigation on improper business deals involving the Clinton’s, the discovery of another affair warranted questioning. Questioning of the President, who under oath, denied any sexual relationship with a White House intern. The issue probably would have been over and done if the President admitted to his affair. Most Americans would not have been surprised and went on with their life with the knowledge of the fact that our President was an adulterer with no respect for his wife, his officer or the White House where he conducted his affair. But President Clinton didn’t admit to it. Despite his mistresses dresses which were stained with the President’s excitement, he made it clear that he did not have sex with the intern. He even waved his bony finger to the American people as he punctuated “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

But the problem with this continued lie was that before lying to his family and his American constituency, he lied to a grand jury, and he did so while under an oath, an oath where he swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

That lie is what became more of an issue than what the initial investigation which led to the lie was about in the first place. It became a case of perjury. A charge that for any average citizen, brought with it the penalty of imprisonment, but for a President it warranted impeachment and then the possibility of prison.

This lie, a lie made under an oath that swore our President to the telling of the truth, compromised the office of the most powerful office in the world. It devalued the word and believability of our President and placed his leadership of our nation in jeopardy. But once again, the President and the collusion of a vast liberal establishment tried to excuse it all away. Like children with their hand caught in the cookie jar. The President and his loyal liberal fans tried to say that he had his hand in the cookie but he was not getting the cookie for himself. No, he was going to give the cookie to the dog, yeah that’s it, he was giving it to the dog.

The President offered excuse after excuse. Liberals claimed that because the lie dealt with a personal matter, it didn’t matter. And the President’s wife went on television to tell the world that it wasn’t lie. She claimed that all the woes of the incident were all a part of a vast right wing conspiracy. Then, weeks later Hillary Clinton stopped talking. Even to her husband, the President. When his affair became a fact as sure as the changing of the seasons, the President could not make any more excuses. For the first time in his life, he had to take responsibility for his actions.

Now, years later, the excuse that Bill Clinton’s wife created for his own problems in the 90‘s, is the same excuse that he is using for the problems of Democrat President Obama and his party.

In a Sunday television interview, the former philanderer and president claimed that all the opposition to President Obama is due to a “vast right wing conspiracy”.

You would think that an educated man of 63 who has been a Governor and a President would have reached maturity by now. You would think he outgrew the lack of control that led to his youthful indiscretions of drug use in college. You would think he gained some sense of the responsibility integrity and honesty that he lacked during the many affairs he conducted behind his wife’s back.

That’s what one would think, but apparently liberals are incapable of maturity. They apparently never outgrow the mentality of irresponsible conduct that often accounts for youthful indiscretions. In fact they refuse to take responsibility for anything.

If President Obama is having a tough time of convincing people that socialized medicine is the best thing since sliced bread, blame it on the right. If unemployment rates continue to rise, blame it on the right. Can’t produce a legitimate birth certificate, blame it on conservatives. Liberals even blame the weather on Republicans.

Bill Clinton is “only” 63. I state “only” because I will be generous here. I will use a historical scale to compare former President Clinton to. By that standard the national history the United States is all of 233 years old. Measured against 233 years, 63 is relatively young. So I will give the 63 year old former President the benefit of the doubt and write off his continued excuses for Democrats to youthful exuberance and naïveté. The modern Democrat Party though is a different story. They are 181 years old. Even compared to the scale of our nation’s age, that must be considered mature. Yet they too, still make excuses for their inability to lead.

Democrats do nothing but make excuses and point fingers. They act like little children who take no responsibility for any of their actions. But let’s face it folks. They are in charge. Democrats have the presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate. They are in charge of everything. Don’t you think it is time they begin to act responsibly and take some responsibility?

Liberals have gotten what they have wanted for more than a decade now. Full control. They have it all. They have been given adult responsibilities. They are our leaders and they alone. It is time that they start being leaders. They do not need a single Republican vote for anything. The number of Republicans on Capitol Hill are too insignificant to block any liberal initiatives or to impede any national responsibility that they have.

SO GROW UP LIBERALS,! Stop making excuses, stop crying and stop trying to blame everyone else for your own problems. Telling us that the dog ate your legislation and that the big bad Republican boogie men are scaring you doesn’t work anymore!

You cannot blame the lack of sales of your product on the consumer. The consumer will buy a good product if it is good and worth the price. What President Obama and the liberal leaders of his party are trying to sell, simply isn’t a good product and it has too high a cost. It is time for Democrats to stop making excuses.  They must begin to take responsibility and to try to make a better product to pitch to the people.

It is time for them to wake up and grow up.

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