Paul Kirk Picked By Patrick For Kennedy’s Senate Seat

Bookmark and Share    Michael Dukakis losses out again. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, tapped Paul Kirk,  a former chairman of the Democrat national Committee, Kennedy staffer and chairman of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation’s board of directors to fill Ted Kennedy’s vacant senate seat Paul Kirkuntil a special election is held in January.

Kirk was the preferred choice of the Kennedy clan. Ted Kennedy’s kids lobbied for Kirk in several calls to Governor Patrick.

Paul Kirk is a veteran to Kennedy politics. He has an established relationship with the existing Kennedy staff and will provide what Democrats want most, the 60th vote needed to pass the partisan, Obama government run health management and care reform bill.

Kirk is  a 71 year old Boston based attorney who has been a pharmaceutical lobbyist and has no intention to run in the special election that will choose a permanent replacement to fill the remainder of Ted Kennedy’s full 6 year senate term.

For Kirk, for one vote and 3 months of service in the senate and putting up with Harry Reid will be well worth the effort. He will forever keep the title of “Senator, have Senate for privileges and also have a lifetime Capitol Hill parking space.

As for Mike Dukakis, he will continue to be labeled the man that fell short. Again.

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