Million Med March Demonstrates That Not All Doctors Want Government Run Healthcare

Bookmark and Share    The left likes to use phrases such as “the majority of Americans want healthcare reform”. They try suggest that because of that they are right and everyone else is wrong. But that distortion exceeds the bounds of sincerity. The phrase is true but what the left neglects to mention is the remainder of that phrase. A majority of Americans do want healthcare reforms, but they don’t want the reforms that liberals are trying to ram down our throats.
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Another phrase they like to use is that medical professionals want healthcare reform. But there again, Democrats are showing their propaganda skills.

Many doctors do not particularly want government run health management and care. Many insist that government health management and care programs like Medicare pay only cents on the dollar to doctors for the services that they provide. They also contend to the fact that it often takes up to five years to receive those cents from the government run program.

Beyond that and the legitimate profit concern, many doctors who have read the healthcare bill, are disturbed by what they call government intervention that gets in the way of the normal doctor-patient relationship. So much so that they believe government run health management and care could be more of detriment than a help.

So the lies of the left last only so long and go only so far in the healthcare debate. For doctors who are tired of Democrats exploiting them and lying about them, they have gotten pretty fed up by all of it. That’s why on October 1st, doctors from across America will be marching on Washington, DC.

They have organized what is called Million Med March. It is A physician grassroots movement of physicians trying to, as they put it, re-establish honor, dignity and worth to the medical profession. That its sole mission is to protect the relationship between the doctor and the patient.

The march will begin at John Marshall Park and end at the Upper Senate Park where a rally will conducted. Once it isObamacare over, all of these doctors will breakup and to meet with their state representatives.

The time has come for Democrats to face facts. Most people do not want government run healthcare and they do not want to be forced into government run programs. Liberals have to accept the fact that their lies can only get them so far and their lies on health management and care reform have run their course. The doctors of the Million Med March are simply more evidence of that fact.

President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Harry Reid need to come to the realization that HR 3200 will either have to be thrown out and begin work on a bipartisan plan with Republicans at the table, break the bill down and try to pass individual aspects of it, or ignore the majority of Americans who oppose their plan and pass the bill by themselves, along strictly partisan lines. If they choose to do it alone, the blame will be theirs alone and the retribution will be the throwing out on their collective arses come November of 2010.

The American people realize that and so do the doctors of the Million Med March.

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