Moummar Quadaffi : Obama Should Be President Forever

Bookmark and Share   In what can be best described as a “who let the nuts out moment”, immediately following President Obama’s apologetic speech for America at the opening of the U.N. General Assembly, madman 1GaddafiMoummar Qadaffi of Libya took to the podium.

The terrorist rambled on and on about reforming the U.N., moving  it to the East (Oh, Please do. Please!), giving the African Union (of which the fool chairs) a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council, and giving equal treatment to countries like Iran and Libya.  In between long pauses of Qadaffi’s trying to collect his thoughts so that he could try to make sense of his own words, the Libyan leader looked as if he was losing track of his own words. But that wasn’t the case when he spoke a few off the cuff remarks about President Barack Obama.

It was here that perhaps the lunatic guerrilla leader uttered his most important words.

Qadaffi stated that the African people are very happy to see Obama become President of the United States. He said that it really was “change”. But he didn’t stop there.

The Moumar-luke decried to the international assembly before him how Obama should be President forever and that while the African people are happy with Obama who can assure them that Obama will be President four years from now.

The statement sends chills up my spine. When a crazed leader who has had a hand in terrorism and provides convicted terrorists with a heroes welcome back home, endorsing our President and hoping that he be President forever, I have to wonder whose side is our President on?

I long for the days when the enemies of freedom feared our Presidents. The days when they hated the United States having the kind of President who didn’t tolerate their evil deeds. Now, today, when people like Moummar Qadaffi praise our President to the point of yearning for his installation as America’s permanent ruler, I am scared. I have to question what President Obama stands for. If his leadership engenders the support of killers and dictators like Moummar Qadaffi I can only wonder who does he really offer “hope” to? Terrorists and totalitarians?

As this is written, Qadaffi Duck is still rambling on and enters into his second hour of disjointed dialogue. With so much time afforded to him, I am sure that there will be many verbal gems to write about but none are more important and telling than a terrorists stated wish for President Obama to be President forever.

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2 responses to “Moummar Quadaffi : Obama Should Be President Forever

  1. Hahahaha. U.S.A., all the way baby! If you have a problem with that, hide behind the security that the United States provides to whichever nation you wish to have pride in.

  2. Roccet The God

    First off, WOW!!! I know this had to be a European-American who wrote this. Why? Because you are the only people on the planet that make up slanderous names for every other nation showing your hatred. You are the enemy of every other nation because youve stabbed every other nation in the back sometime or another and you have this empty pride that is pathetic. You are what your forefathers were without a contradiction or a doubt. ROMANS!!!

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