“Not Evil Just Wrong”; How “An Inconvenient Truth” Was A Convenient Lie

Bookmark and Share   An Inconvenient Truth took the world by storm. It at one point fueled speculation for the man behind the movie to seek the presidency that he once failed to capture after trying to have only those votes that were Inconvenient2cast for him, counted in Florida.

Al Gore won critical acclaim for the global warming warning movie that he put together. He also won an Academy Award and Nobel Prize for his efforts. An Inconvenient Truth earned Gore wealth, fame and acclaim and he did so by taking theories and over dramatizing them with an exaggeration of some facts while deleting other facts.

The episode helped cap off the career of an aging liberal who spent the height of his career playing second fiddle to another now aging, left of center leader turned playboy.

And while An Inconvenient Truth was being made to strike enough fear in people so that they recycle, conserve and buy into the green market, all the energy used, jet and car travel taken and waste produced in the making of the movie created a carbon footprint larger than a Midwest town. And when not working on the movie, Al Gore was jetting back to his Tennessee estate which was discovered to be one of the least energy efficient and least environmentally sound homes in all of the South.

The whole production was an exercise of hypocrisy and although it dealt with an issue that is worthy of our attention and care, it was also exploited. The Hollywood and liberal elitist groups that went gaga over Gore  couldn’t help but go too far.    Their ever building jealousy and anger over George W. Bush festered and fed a fury that boiled in their brains and harvested hatred in their hearts.   They needed some outlet for it all and in their crazed madness they took the opportunity to create environmental hysteria.  It was meant to convince people to believe the lies and make them loyal followers of the Gore gang and their policies.  We were to believe that they were the only ones with the solutions that would save the world from the movie’s  depicted disasters.   It was all the brainstorm of Al Gore,  projected on to the big screen.  But it was not an inconvenient truth, it was a shameful lie.

 Well now the record is about to be set straight.brainstorms of Gore and Hollywood.   With a clear understanding that our environment requires our attention and care, Not Evil Just Wrong dives into the sea of hysteria that An Inconvenient Truth tried to generate as a means to justify more control for big government and the left who rely on an ever grower bigger government.

Not Evil Just Wrong shatters many a myth perpetuated by An Inconvenient Truth and prove it to be a convenient lie. They debunk such Gore driven claims as 1998 and 2006 being the hottest years in the United States and shows how with half as many people as there are now and no SUVs or jumbo jets the hottest decade was the 1930s and the hottest year was 1934.

But that is just one of many corrections that Not Evil Just Wrong sheds light on as one by one the scintillating record of truth rips into all of the left’s environmental hysteria and propaganda. It takes the environmental extremist’s misinformation, which if believed and left uncorrected, would take industries that rely on fossil fuels and cripple them with government imposes job-killing regulations. Not Evil Just Wrong explains the true cost of the hysteria based environmental excuses for reform and explains how small towns will become ghettos of unemployment. It explains how the natural residue of human life is not melting the polar icecaps and raising the seas to calamitous heights within the blink of an eye

This movie is not appreciated by the convenient liars behind An Inconvenient Truth. Hollywood shuns Not Evil Just Wrong. Theaters refuse to show it and the lamestream media will not let you hear about it but as sure as the sun will shine, Not Evil Just Wrong will be seen and its message will be heard as it exposes the deceptions that so-called experts, politicians, educators and the media have been shoveling us.

How will they do it?

With a Cinematic Tea Party that bypasses Hollywood and comes directly to your homes.

The makers of Not Evil Just Wrong will simultaneously time parties throughout the nation to occur on October 18th at 8 pm EST.

Who’s invited: You, your family, your friends, people who’ll absolutely love and people who’ll absolutely hate the documentary and therefore must see it.

Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST

When: October 18th, 2009

Location: Your home, community center, church or wherever you and your friends and family normally gather.

What you have to do: Once you receive your premiere pack you are honor bound not to press the play button until 8pm EST on Oct 18 – we want everyone watching the film at the same time so we have a shot at breaking the World Record for largest ever simultaneous movie premiere. At 8pm, you will be part of a national movement watching the most important and most controversial film of the year.

Hosting essentials: The makers of Not Evil Just Wrong will send along a premier party package. Their party packs contain everything you need to transform your home for this cinematic tea party. Each pack contains a film poster, invitations, a DVD of Not Evil Just Wrong and your very own piece of red carpet that you can roll out for your friends.

But they’re counting on you to bring the popcorn, put the poster on your front door, and roll out that red carpet.

And the best part is, if you can’t take advantage of all hosting a Not Evil Just Wrong Premier Party,  you can just get a simple copy and view it whenever and wherever you can or want. Because we are still a free country and in it your freedoms are the most convenient truth that there is.

So get yourself a copy of Not Evil Just Wrong. Click on the image below and see the trailer, flick through the Not Evil Just Wrong site and find out more about this ground breaking record straightening movie.

And be smart. Keep our environment free an clean. Vote Republican and be responsible tenants of our planet, not fear mongering exploiters of the environment.

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