Do All White Americans “Believe That African-Americans Are Not Capable of Leading This Country”?

Bookmark and Share    According to the last President that Americans couldn’t wait to get rid of, many white Americans disagree with President Obama because of the color of his skin. The incompetent former President further explained that he believes many white Americans not only in the South but throughout the nation believe that “African-Americans carter3are not capable of leading this country”.

Not only is this a new low in the long list of lows that this failed President has chalked up in his career, it is also an unmitigated lie based on the most debased need to pump up partisan prospects by opening up old wounds and attempting to leave new scars.

Racism is an ugly thing and American history is filled with an ugly and tragic history over the issue. One of the bloodiest wars our nation has ever been involved in was a Civil War that fought over race based slavery and divided our Union in half as one group of Americans fought to the death with another group of Americans.

The turmoil of inadequate racial harmony reached great heights in the 50’s and especially the 60’s, but it lingered into the 70’s and became less pronounced but still ever present in the 80’s and less so in the 90’s and now the new millennium. I say less so because clearly racism is not something that will ever disappear. There are some hearts that still posses a hatred for those different from them. Such hearts are wrapped deep under the skin of both white and black men and women. For racism is not owned by any color, it is however the domain of ignorant minds. And ignorance shall always exist to one extent or another. So racism shall too.

But racism need not be a tool that divides us anymore than we already are divided because of a myriad of other reasons, such as economic status or background or even the neighborhood that ones lives in. Currently, probably the greatest divide in America is the political division based on Republican or Democrat, left or right, liberal or conservative. It is that divide that is beginning to create hard feelings and ill will. And it is that divide that we must better bridge sooner rather than later.

But that is going to be hard to do when Democrats consistently seek to exploit the ugliest issue in American history to gain political points so that they can try to pass a political agenda that fails to gain any traction based on its own merits.

And that is exactly what the left has been doing before, during and now after the election of 2008. Each time areas of disagreement come up on relevant and important issues, someone on the left from somewhere in the Democrat Party interjects “they are against anything Barack Obama does because he is black”.   And now Jimmy Carter goes on national television to say just that.

Well while Democrats exploit the African-American race and abuse the use of the race card, let us look at a few facts.

Please tell me who appointed the first African-American to the highest military position in the nation? Ronald Reagan, a white man. A white Republican man.

Who appointed the first African-American Secretary of State. George W. Bush, a white man. Another white Republican man.

Then I would like you to tell me how many African-Americans Jimmy Lilywhite Carter had in his cabinet when he was destroying America as our President?

I would also like to know the factual evidence that backs up the conclusion of the inept Jimmy Carter reaches. Is his conclusion that people disagree with President Obama because he is black based on election statistics?   Because if it is, he jumped to the wrong conclusion. In the last election for President Barack Obama got 43% of the Caucasian vote, while on the other side of the coin, Senator John McCain received 5%, that’s five percent, of the black vote.

If Jimmah Carter wants to base conclusions on those statistics, as usual, he got it ass backwards because if anything, the African-American population which went for Barack Obama with 95% of the total African-Americans vote would make one wonder who is basing their politics on race. While 47% of white voters went for McCain, 43% went for Barack Obama. Does that almost even split among Caucasians indicate to any thinking person that all of white America is still locked in a racist state of mind?

Yet Democrats have been so unsuccessful at making their case and promoting their agenda and so inept at countering the arguments of those who disagree with them that despite the racial voting statistics which elected America’s first black President, they still state the reasons people oppose this President is because of his color.

NEWS FLASH…….It is not his color that makes me fight against socialism and big government. It is not his color which makes me oppose cutting our missile defenses. It is not the color of the President’s skin that I have a problem with. It is the arrogance of his attitude and his propensity for spending, and appointing unelected and accountable Czars to positions of power and influence that help to expand the size of government that I have a problem with. I take issue with President Obama’s desire to create new taxes such as those he wants to place on the air that I breathe.

Like many liberals, President Carter needs to find a reason for the failures of fellow Democrats. Currently there is a lack of confidence in the President and he has not been able to do much to gain our confidence back.  And when I say “our” I am not speaking about just us white folk, I am referring to all Americans. Currently despite the claims of his handlers and hired guns, nothing is working or going well for the President. So as his numbers in the polls drop among every demographic including blacks, those in the 18 to 35 year age bracket and even Democrats, the left is having a hard time trying defend themselves against the growing dissatisfaction with the direction things are going.

But that is no excuse to play the race card.

In truth, their exploitation of race in America is in itself a slap in the  face of anyone who sincerely tries to overcome racism. There is real racism that still exists in America and many of us wish to combat it. But that fight is not helped when people like Jimmah Carter cry wolf and fan the flames of racial indifference.

I don’t understand the reason for the overuse of the race card by the left. We have come a long way and are at a point where the difference of skin color is not always obvious to many. Many Americans truly do not come across a person of another color and immediately take note of it. Some in America actually do see people when they meet someone, not just a black or white person but a person. Even though this is the point we are gradually coming to in America, Jimmah Carter and the left are willing to rear the ugly head of racism in order to make excuses for their inept leadership and low poll numbers. To play such a game with the American people is dangerous, unnecessary and intolerable.

As for Carter, he is a man who in just four years time, brought America to its knees. Under his lack of leadership communism gained ground and the American military lost ground. Double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates were created by Carter and his administration invented two new terms into the American lexicon, stagflation and the misery index. As our President, he gave away the Panama Canal and expanded government with creation of two new overreaching cabinet level departments, the Department of Education and the Department of Energy. And in the end who can forget the 52 American who became hostages to the fundamental Islamic leaders of Iran for 444 days under his presidency. They were hostages that Carter never could bring home, even after sending a number of troops on a covert mission to bring them back. A mission that ended in tragedy because of the inadequate resources that Jimmah invested in our military.

Yes, President Carter was a gem. He left a legacy of failure and misery behind but today he comes before us as some sort of presidential sage and he dares to call Americans racist because they disagree with the nation’s first black President, a President that those very same Americans who he calls racists elected only ten months ago. Tell me, did most Americans disagree with John McCain because he was white? Aside from the 95% of the African-Americans that voted along racial lines, the rest of America did not vote along such lines. If they had, 95% of white Americans would have voted for John McCain instead of only the 47% that actually did.

These are not points that I wish to harp on. I do not want to focus on racial differences. I know I have not lived my life like that and I know that who I live among and those I associate with are not determinations I make based on race. Nor are the different relationships I have had in my life with people of different races, ethnicities and religions. I am confident in my acceptance of people for who they are and not what they are. That is why regardless of the fact that President Obama is half black and half white, I am comfortable basing my opinion of him on his actions as a President and not as a black President.

I also will not be shamed by liberals into letting President Obama off the hook because he is black, as they wish for me to do. No, instead I will place shame on them for dangerously using race as a wedge issue and exploiting the ugliness of our past just so that they can distract from the ugliness of their own failed, irresponsible leadership.

Playing the race card is a last ditch, pathetic and disgraceful effort and as for Jimmah Carter’s attempt to use it by claiming that all the opposition Democrats see right now is because “white people think African-Americans are not capable of leading this country” is far from true.

What Mr. Worst President In Over A Hundred Years and his party needs to accept is the fact that I do not believe that African-Americans are incapable of anything but I do believe that “Democrats are not capable of leading this country!!!”

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