Senate Moves To Strip Funding To ACORN as the Nut Begins To Crack

Bookmark and Share    In the wake of ACORN employees being caught aiding undercover clients in trafficking ObamaAcornAyers1underage girls into prostitution and explaining how to cheat on their taxes without getting caught, POLITICS 24/7 called for the following five measures:
  1. 1.-President Obama must denounce ACORN for their own irresponsible hiring and regulations and training practices.

2.-Congress must halt all access to federal funding that is available to ACORN

3.-Employees of ACORN who have been caught conducting illegal acts and fraudulent activity of any kind must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. No excuses!

4.-ACORN must immediately lose any and all charitable status accreditations that it may have.

5.-Tighter federal regulations of private and not for profit groups that utilize or appropriate any federal tax dollars must be tightened and any expenditures must be approved by a bipartisan government board. If the federal government is to dole out dollars to not for private, private groups, regardless of how much longer and complicated the process may become, the need for tighter regulations regarding abuse of the use of those dollars has been made quite evident.


Republican Senator Mike Johanns

This week Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) introduced an amendment to an appropriation bill that will strip ACORN of all its funding.

Under normal circumstances, despite a history of unethical and questionable legal activity Democrats would normally not even consider eliminating funding of the liberal front group. In fact they are prone to finding more ways to fund them with more money every chance they get.

But with the recent high profile examples of blatant illegal conduct that involved ACORN offices in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Brooklyn New York, Johanns amendment was something that Democrats had a hard time resisting without being held accountable for going along with the aiding and abetting of prostitution, human trafficking and tax evasion.

Even so, they did try to resist at first and a few actually did. Six Democrats initially voted down the amendment and as the roll call continued a few more added their support for ACORN and voted against stripping them of federal funding. But as the vote continued, it became clear that majority of Democrats were supporting the amendment as they voted in favor of it. As the trend turned against ACORN, New Mexico’s Tom Udall, Wisconsin’s Herb Kohl and Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey who voted against the amendment earlier changed their vote and went with the flow.

In the end, Johanns’ amendment passed by a vote of 83 to 7.

The seven Democrats that refused to strip ACORN of its funding and instead chose to continue supporting the pimping out of underage girls for sex and trafficking children in to sex slavery were:

Roland Burris (D-IL)

Dick Durbin (D-IL)

Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

Patrick Leahy (D-VT)

Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

Robert Casey (D-PA)

Between ACORN’s longstanding corruption in the area of Democrat voter registration fraud, partisan political electioneering and now this most recent scandal, while the seven pro-corruption Democrats have no excuse for their vote, the final decision of the senate was more than justifiable, it was necessary. But the amendment still has a long way to go.

In the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is an ACORN nut and so are many of her liberal colleagues who rely heavily on the partisan political activity that ACORN conducts within their districts during election time. Here, the amendment to cease federal funding to ACORN will have an uphill battle. Of course due to the groups indefensible and consistent hiring of people who abuse the funding that they receive, a vote against the amendment will assuredly become an election that will weigh heavily around their necks. So, like their counterparts in the Senate,

House Democrats may not want to run with this hot potato either.

In the meantime while the Brooklyn District Attorney investigates the Brooklyn offices of ACORN, The Census Bureau has severed their ties with group. That is a devastating blow to the liberal establishment which relies heavily on ACORN’s history of double counting and making up people in Democrat districts so that the once every decade redistricting process favors Democrats.

But the final nutcracker to crush ACORN might just come if California Congressman Darrell Issa has his way and the group losses its nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax status.

Given ACORN’s partisan political activity, removing their status as a charitable organization is only fitting. According to Issa’s office, a probe of that matter may be in the works.

To date, it would seem like most all of the actions that I proposed last week are taking place. All except for one. The one that calls upon President Obama to distance himself from his friends at ACORN and to denounce them. So far, the President’s silence on the matter is deafening.

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