Wahington, D.C. National Tea Party Protest Statement

Bookmark and Share    Today I join with my fellow Americans in a demonstration of will and show of power.  Today after a ride in a freedom picketAcaravan to Washington, D.C., I will add my voice to those from Alaska and California to New York and New Jersey.  Together, in one unified voice and one united message we will make clear to the government that Americans are tired of the oppressive regulaation, expenses, directives and lies that the politicaal class is inflicting upon Americans of all classes. 

This crowd will not be made up of Republicans or Democrats.  It will not be made up whites and blacks, christian and jews or the rich or the poor.  It will be made up of Americans.  Americans of all different backgrounds and belief.  Different kind of Americans who share one overriding concern and sentiment between them all.  Rthat sentiment is that government has become too big, too expensive, too unconstitutional and too power.

The following is the statement that I will be offering up at the National Tea Party protest in D.C..:

“The United States of America. It was once a novel concept until it became a dream and then after years of struggle, sacrifice and suffering, it became a reality.

Little more than 233 years ago America unleashed the most powerful force the world has ever known when it gave birth to freedom. 233 years later and it can no longer be denied that an American bureaucracy and big government mentality is smothering freedom and bringing it to its knees in America.

We see how our government is taking control of our businesses and industries. We see how our government isPicket_Sign_2 taking control of our homes, our pockets and our property. That is why we are here today.

We are people who do not need another 9/11 to make us appreciate our freedom and its value.

We know how precious and valuable it is and we do not want to see it abridged by an ever growing and ever increasing controlling government.

And today we are here to make sure that our government and its leader understand that we know how precious freedom is and that we will not sit idly by as bureaucrats and the political class take any more of it away from than they already have.

233 years ago American freedom fighters made the King of England understand that we would not allow him to take our freedom away and now, 233 years later we are here to make the kings and queens in Congress understand that same message. In 1776 we American freedom fighters delivered our message of independence to the English kingdom, today we deliver that same message to the American political thiefdom that is gradually stealing away our rights.

The people in that house (as I point to the White House) seem to have forgotten that freedom is ours. It is our God given , inalienable right that offers each one endless potential. It is not theirs to restrict or limit through legislation and government fiats that run against the grain of our Constitution and founding principles.

The people in that House (as I point to the House of Representatives) don’t get it but the people in houses across America do.

For a nation that was founded on our opposition to royalty, we have come a long way to reach the point in time when our own government is infatuated by the appointment of czars, unelected and unaccountable czars, political cronies, to positions of power and influence.

As modern day freedom fighters, we come here today with a list of demands. Demands that we want met today and everyday to follow. We want a government that is not in the way of freedom and independence We want one that is defending freedom and independence and paving the way for us to enjoy the two..

We do not want our wealth or lack of it, redistributed by the bureaucracy that is big government. We do not want our medical attention governed by the political class and their bureaucracy or unelected, unaccountable Czars.

This is a message similar to the one that we made the King of England once understand and it is the same one that we will make the kings and queens of Congress understand either before Election Day or on Election Day. Either way this will understood. We are not a nation defined by our government. We are a nation that defines our government and in the face of our government’s tyranny we will restore liberty. Either with the people in the White House and House of Representatives, or without them, the households of America will get done the job that they fail to.”

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