Bookmark and Share   President Obama was closely related to ACORN. He was once retained as a lawyer for them and participated in training ACORN employees. All of this was during the much touted presidential experience that he acquired during his days as a “community organizer.

U4ACORNIn 2008, ACORN went through another election cycle where they proved that they are a liberal front group designed to exploit the poor and underprivileged by turning them into Democrat voters……legal and illegal Democrat voters. The intended goals and purpose of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now were altruistic. They were seemingly innocent and commendable. But their best intentions have been turned into the worst actions.

With well documented cases of voter registration fraud, all for the creation of illegitimate Democrat voters, and other incidents of shady shenanigans and law breaking procedures, ACORN has become an organization that has demonstrated that it is not reliable or legitimate.

Yet the most recent stimulus bill provided $10 million to ACORN to develop or rehabilitate low-income housing. The bill also gives ACORN access to $1 billion for Community Development Block Grants and $4.1 billion for the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

While these budget expenditures may have good intentions of their own, in addition to the questionable reason for such expenditures to be placed in a so called stimulus bill in the first place, there is now no doubt that such monies should not be  given to a questionable and corrupt organization like ACORN. For them to have access to such funds is not questionable. IT IS WRONG

In the midst of all this, BigGovernment.com has exposed ACORN workers helping an undercover agent who posed as a prostitute trying to establish a brothel with underage girls being trafficked into the United States from South America. On tape ACORN employees, in an ACORN facility are caught explaining how the prostitute can get tax credits for the smuggled girls being thrown into a life time of prostitution if they are under the age of 16. These officials also explain how the young Madame can avoid being caught by the I.R.S. for her tax cheating scams. At another point, these ACORN agents, explain how to insure a good relationship with the pimp of her and the soon to be trafficked underage girls.

The incident renews old doubts.

In 2008, President defended the corrupt acts being committed by employees of ACORN by claiming that these acts are those of some employees and not ACORN itself. That claim is insincere. If cases a corruption in ACORN were isolated among one or two employees that excuse may be plausible.

However; corruption is not limited to a few employees. It is well beyond a few ACORN employees. It is seemingly pervasive and the fact that the federal government is using taxpayer money to finance a large portion of ACORN’s partisan and corrupt activity makes continuing such support not only uncalled for but inappropriate and illegitimate.

The recent incident of ACORN corruption that was caught on tape for the world to see makes it quite clear, that a few things must be done here.

1.)- President Obama must denounce ACORN for their own irresponsible hiring and regulation and training practices.

2.)- Congress must halt all access to federal funding that is available to ACORN

3.)- Employees of ACORN who have been caught conducting illegal act viand fraudulent activity of any kind must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. No excuses!

4.)- ACORN must immediately lose any and all charitable status accreditations that it may have.

5.)- Tighter federal regulations of private and not for profit groups that utilize or appropriate any federal tax dollars must be tightened and any expenditures must be approved by a bipartisan government board. If the federal government is to dole out dollars to not for private, private groups, regardless of how much longer and complicated the process may become, the need for tighter regulations regarding abuse of the use of those dollars has been made quite evident.

President Obama failed to distance himself from ACORN in 2008. He got away with it.

In 2008 ACORN got away with abusing federal tax dollars for fraudulent, pro-Democrat voter registration drives. They got away with. They also got away with other more serious activities.

Enough is enough. Neither the President or ACORN can be allowed to get away with it anymore. In the past the claim that the actions of a few employees did not constitute the actions condoned by ACORN. That may, be true. However, it is now clear that ACORN is incapable of controlling their employees and avoiding their abuse of their positions and roles in ACORN.

When an ACORN employee helps a prostitute traffic underage girls into prostitution instead of trying to get her out of prostitution and saving teenage girls from a life a prostitution, it becomes clear that the Association Of Corrupt Organized Radical Nuts must be reevaluated if not eliminated.

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