10 Downing Street to White House….You’re a Bunch of Conniving Liars

Bookmark and Share   In an interview with British journalists, David Rivkin, a former U.S. Justice Department official, is quoted as saying that the feigned indignation of U.S. officials over the Scottish release from prison of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset AngloAmericaDeceptionConnectionAl Megrahi was “duplicitous behavior”.

The comment came after reports over the weekend surfaced and indicated that British officials in Whitehall and American officials in the White House were in constant communication over the pending release of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi. (Whitehall is a term used in referring to the overall UK governmental administration. It’s a broader term than referring to the office of the Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, or Members of Parliament)

The actual facts surrounding those communications are sealed and according to Downing Street, the United States refuses to let them go public with the records that prove just how much the officials in the White House and U.S. State Department knew or didn‘t know.

One Whitehall aide said that indignation over the release of Megrahi, by the President and Secretary of State Clinton, was a reaction that was “disingenuous“.

These sentiments from the Brits, regarding the reactions of the U.S. government, came after the U.K. took a hard hit from an American backlash over Megrahi’s release from a life sentence of imprisonment. Yet the situation would seem to show that the American government, which was in the loop about the Megrahi release much more than the American public, waited to react to the release until they knew how the American people would react to it.

Not only is that insincere and disingenuous on the part of our government, it is utter stupidity and incompetence. If President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton were not themselves appalled and opposed to the releasing of Megrahi from a life sentence in prison, and if they did not think the American people would find such actions reprehensible, than he has no right being President and she has no right being Secretary of State. If they did not understand how we would oppose the release of a prisoner who killed hundreds of Americans than they are incompetent and having them in charge of anything is dangerous.

But to make matters worse, it would seem that not only were President Obama and Secretary Clinton faking their reactions to the determination made by the Scottish courts to set Megrahi free, they were complicit in the action.

Downing Street and Whitehall aide’s charge that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were “kept informed at all stages of discussions concerning Megrahi’s return”. They add that ‘The US was kept fully in touch about everything that was going on with regard to Britain’s discussions with Libya in recent years and about Megrahi.”

In the meantime Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband are said to be “disappointed” by Washington’s reaction but I am sure they are more than disappointed.

British officials are on record sating that they “would never do anything about Lockerbie without discussing it with the US. It is disingenuous of them to act as though Megrahi’s return was out of the blue.” They add that the White House and State Department “knew about” the U.K’s “prisoner transfer agreement with Libya and they knew that the Scots were considering Megrahi’s case”.

With the White House not allowing the records that prove or disprove the charges to go public we don’t know for sure if the President and Clinton are lying. But we do know this. By not allowing the communications which could prove that they didn’t know about this then pending travesty of justice, it is more than likely that those communications would prove the President and Mrs. Clinton’s knowledge of and complicity in the matter.

If that is the case, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband have every right to be more than just disappointed. They should feel betrayed and as though they were stabbed in the back by a friend and as such they should be furious.

Brown and Millibrand are obviously not innocent in this matter themselves. They still have to answer charges about oil from the Libyan region being the prime reason for not pressuring the Scottish courts to maintain Megrahi’s life sentence. But their guilt for that matter would not make President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton immune from guilt of their own.

Had they made their objections to an early release of Megrahi known, Brown and Milibrand may have exerted pressure of their own on the Scots. Had that not been enough, if the President and Mrs. Clinton taken the case to American public that they serve, the Brits would have seen our reaction to this issue. If the U.K. saw that the backlash against them was to be so great, it may have been enough to force Brown and Milibrand to do what the President and State Department could not make them do…….keep Megrahi in prison.

Leaving the United Kingdom to themselves and leaving Prime Minister Brown and Foreign Secretary Milibrand to answer to their own constituencies, the American constituency of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should demand that the President and State Department allow Downing Street to release the officials records of communication dealing with Al Megrahi’s release from prison and his subsequent heroes welcome home to Libya.

These records need to see the light of day and the American people need to know if Obama and Clinton are speaking the truth.

At the moment not only does it seem obvious that President Obama and Secretary Clinton are lying, they are also stabbing our allies in the back and with friends like that, the British don’t need enemies. Yet, in a world as dangerous as ours we Americans need all the friends we can get and the long and good standing history of strong Anglo-American relations is a friendship we can ill afford to have sour on us.

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