Obama’s Address To School Kids Is Commendable And Appropriate

Bookmark and ShareThe White House has released the text of the address that the President is set to give to America’s school children on Tuesday, September 8th from hero_podium_waitingWakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia.

After an initial review of the speech, I must commend the President’s statement. In all honesty, I have not seen the federal curriculum that the Department of Education has proposed to go along with the speech, so to be clear, I am not commenting on that. But as for his speech, not only is there nothing wrong with it, it is commendable. To review the actual speech yourself, visit the link provided below this blog post.

In it the President essentially asks to children to aim high and work hard so that they can achieve their dreams and enjoy a lifetime full of the benefits that their labors and benefits that their hard worked for successes will inevitably bring.

The President’s message does not seek to indoctrinate any minds into a liberal or conservative frame of mind. It simply seeks to let children know that their future is in their hands and that should use a steady hand to steer their future down the right path.

President Obama speaks of the ability to overcome obstacles and apply ones self to study. He speaks of striving to do more than just get by.

The speech sets a standard for students to strive for and as such it does not warrant any charges of deceptive political behavior intended to grow a new generation of Democrats. What the President states in his address to school children is appropriate and worthy of hearing.

I am a critic of the President. There is not much that I have seen him do that pleases me. But if I intend for my criticism of him to be considered legitimate and have any value when he does what I think is wrong, than I have a responsibility to praise the President and defend him when I feel he has done something right.

In this case, the speech that the President will offer to students is a worthy one with a strong message that is sincere and true. As for the curriculum that the administration’s Department of Education offers along with the speech, that is another story. But as for the speech, good job Mr. President

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