President Obama’s Ratings Are Evidence That Things Are Spiraling Out Of Control

Bookmark and Share    As President Obama continues his march to “Change We Can Believe In” the American people continue to race away from their support of both the President and his changes.

stormcloudoverDCThe most recent polling data from Zogby International and distinguished pollster and consultant John Zogby confirms much of the perception that President Obama is not living up to all the hype that we were fed about his being a once in a lifetime leader.

To give the President a chance, we will ignore the results of the constituency that would naturally not look upon President Obama or his policies kindly. We will ignore for a moment the totally negative approval ratings that the President receives from self proclaimed conservatives and Republicans. We will simply look at the President’s base, his core group of supporters and natural constituency.

Among Democrats, support for the President has dropped as much as 13% in just one month.. Those who call themselves liberals had nearly unanimous support for President Obama with 95% of all liberals on his side in July. Now, as we get in to the swing of September, even self proclaimed and proud liberals are distancing themselves from the President as 9% of them turn their backs on him, in just one month’s time.

As for African-Americans, their support of the President was at a shrinking 83% in July but now stands at 74% as September begins. Another 9% drop in support in as little as one month.

As for one group whose unusually high voter turnout last November helped to cinch the election for Barack Obama, those between 18 and 29 years of age are fleeing from their initial pro-Obama views. A whopping 18% of those in the 18 to 29 age bracket have jumped ship in just this last month. In July their support for the President stood at 59%. As August passes it now stands at 41%.

In each of these categories, while the Presidents favorability plummets, his disapproval ratings are rising.

Overall the poll indicates that a 53% majority of likely voters believe the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction, with only 38% saying we are headed in the right direction.

It also shows that only 17% give President Obama an excellent job rating while 25% rate him good, 16% fair and an astonishing 41% give President Obama a poor job rating.

According to Zogby International “combining the two highest and lowest rankings shows 42% rating Obama positively and 57% negatively”.

Interestingly, prior to 9/11 at this same point in President G.W. Bush’s term, he had a higher approval rating and lower disapproval rating than the messiah does at this same point in his administration.

President Bush’s support was nearly split even among voters as 50% approved of him and 49% disapproved.

You can try to claim that these polls are slanted. You can try but you would fail and you would be lying. John Zogby, although he claims a non-partisan position in politics, has been quite critical of Republicans lately and is not prone to favoritism of Republicans and this poll was conducted under the less than kind inclinations that Zogby has had towards Republicans lately.

In truth, all legitimate nonpartisan polling institutions have similar conclusions to the recent Zogby poll. You would not know this through the news delivered by a media that is quite loyal to the President. While they touted his approval ratings when they were at a high in his first few months in office, they are now silent on where public opinion of the President stands now.

That sad fact aside, the general public opinion that does exist can be explained by several factors. Some of them include the negative impression that the administration has created after trying to be sneaky by attempting to quickly ram through several of the most transformative pieces of legislation through Congress before their voluminous pages could be read. This includes such things as Crap-and-Tax and healthscare legislation.

Other factors include the most expensive bills in history, including stimulus packages that were riddled with all the pork that the President promised to oppose.

Couple this with unprecedented levels of long term deficit creation, attempts to have those that disagree with the administration reported to the White House and a number of foreign excursions which essentially had an American President, for the first time, apologizing for America on foreign soil, and you can easily understand the current state of disapproval for the ruling regime.

The American people are also seeing an extraordinary partisan President, who has failed to try to reform healthcare through sincere bipartisan efforts and they are becoming convinced that the federal government is beginning to take on much more than it should and than it can handle.

In the meantime, it has become clear that President Obama was great at “charisma politics”. When he ran for President, his image and speech won over people. His rhetoric hit all the right chords but eight months in to office, President Obama is proving to be an utter failure at leadership politics. He has failed to convince people of the merits of his policies and his policies have failed to correct any problems that he sought to solve.

In the case of the recession that we are in, President Obama has done much to achievce little. In fact what he has achieved is to place our nation in a very bad predicament.

As the President tries to spend our way out of recession his deficit spending is diminishing the value of the dollar and prompting inflation. This ultimately means that we can’t lower interest rates because of the lack of value of the dollar and we can’t raise interest rates because of the looming rates of inflation. All of this would lead to stagnation, a gauge which gained popularity under Jimmy Carter who also brought us such creations as the misery index.

I have long held that President Obama was the second coming. Not of a messiah but of President jimmy Carter, a man who was weak on the economy and even weaker on foreign affairs.

The results of the latest Zogby as well as the latest Rasmussen, Gallup and a whole host of other respected polls is indicative of the fact that my prediction is becoming true.

If President Obama does not reassess his leadership tactics and policy direction, not only will he find himself as popular as Jimmy Carter at a Bar Mitzvah in Tel Aviv, we will find our national government about as strong and meaningful as Manuel Zelaya’s recently deposed government in Honduras. I will not claim that it is over for Democrats or President Obama. He could actually be nearly as smart as he and his supporters claim and he could begin to reverse course, dump some of the incompetent advisors who have been giving him pitiful advice and he could begin to moderate his positions and stop acting like the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee.

I believe that he must do these things. The growing dissatisfaction that we see in polls, Tea Party protests, senior citizens, the young, the poor, the rich and the middle class are all just ripples at the moment. However; the ripples we do see now have in the past built up to the type of wave that swept Democrats out of office in the past, and just might sweep Republicans back in to power in the very near future.

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2 responses to “President Obama’s Ratings Are Evidence That Things Are Spiraling Out Of Control

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  2. ikefriday

    This is why Obama is taking another week of vacation. He needs to let things cool off because every time he opens his mouth his approval rating goes down.

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