Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer Calls Upon Sanford To Resign

Bookmark and Share    In a short while, the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, Andrer Bauer will hold a press conference calling upon Governor Mark Sanford to resign.

SanfordGoneSanford and Bauer have had a very contentious relationship over the years and this announcement could easily be seen as  driven by their rivalry and Bauer’s desire to become Governor.

And it may well be.

However, Andre Bauer is poised to decalre that he will not seek to run for for Governor in his own right if Sanford steps down and that he simply seeks to make the remaining time in Sanford’s term productive and salvage leadership in the state. 

Sanford you will recall disappeared for 5 days leaving an entire state wondering, who was in charge and what happened to their Governor.

It was later learned that the Governor was on a clandestine rendezvous in Argentina with a lovely latina lady whom he famously called his “soul mate”.

The revelation shed light on a long-term, extreamarital affair that the rising Republican star was conducting behind the back of his loved ones.

The escapade, coupled by the irresponsible behavior which compelled him to abandon his state and responsibilities quickly killed predictions of a presidential run by Sanford but it also put his continuing as Governor in jeopardy.

Now Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer is upping the stakes and becoming the highest ranking official to date to seek Sanford’s quick resignation from office.

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