World’s First Political Entertainment Network Premeirs This Fall

Bookmark and Share   Few have probably heard of but if you are political insider or junkie like me, pretty soon it will become a tab in your favorites tool bar.

zolitics_logoIn a unique demonstration of political bipartisanship renowned Republican consultant John Brabender, former McCain advisor Leslie Gromis-Baker, Democrat strategist Tad Devine and ex-Bush White House confidant Sara Taylor have joined forces to create a cyber network that is completely devoted to politics….the humorous side of it.

According to Tad Devine in an interview in Politics Magazine, “being a political consultant, you have a lot of time in the off years, when you’re not working 24 hours a day”. According to him, was a “good way to spend a chunk of time and show people the mechanics of elections.”   And so a few consultants with time on their hands have begun, the first “Political Entertainment Network”.  Among other things, will feature a number of ongoing webisodes that so far include such series aszoliticsmovingnumbersMoving Numbers” which is a ongoing 12 part saga of a dysfunctional U.S. Senate campaign in Pennsylvania.

Moving Numbers gives a hilarious glimpse at the real world, behind the scenes challenges and traumas that confront high profile campaigns for elected office. This series will include some real life politicians and political operatives including Democrat strategist Bob Shrum and pollster Frank Luntz.

If you like reality television Zolitics has “Scoops”, which features political reporters and the real story behind the smiling faces that deliver us the news after dealing with the often messy and chaotic conditions that go into the coverage of politics and political campaigns. Scoops features amateur journalists who compete for the delivering of real news stories.

zoliticsmyamericaOther series aired only on Zolitics include “My America”. This compilation puts accomplished and devout liberals and conservatives together on cross country road trips as each of these political polar opposites introduce each other to their conservative and liberal lifestyles that they live.

The first episode of My America will star former Pennsylvania conservative senator Rick Santorum who is a contributor to FOX News and former Al Gore Campaign Manager, Clinton administration official and Democrat strategist Donna Brazille, a CNN contributor.

The fourth ongoing series is “Look Who’s Coming To Dinnerzoliticsdinner

This program is co-produced with Politics Magazine and it takes viewers to the trendy, upscale restaurants that the political establishment and its players haunt.

The show allows the audience to eavesdrop in on the dinner conversations of many of our nations political power players as they dine in some D.C.’s finest restaurants and political meeting spots.  It’s entitled “Political Rehab” and it features political figures who have fallen from grace and are trying to make a comeback.  I can see it now.  Larry Craig and Rod Blagojevich commiserating over lobster tails and cocktails as they try to justify or explain away their conduct and plan their next runs for office.

Zolitics, The Political Entertainment Network, currently only exists on the internet but talks have begun to turn it into a cable network or network broadcast.

All I know is, for me the only television I watch consists of viewing that is limited and devoted to specialty channels like C-Span, cable news, The History Channel and Animal Planet.

OK, and sometimes the Food Network.

Specialty stations have become quite successful within niche markets they serve and so I think The Political Entertainment Network stands a good chance at making the jump from the web to television.

As the creator and author of a blog called POLITICS 24/7, a twenty four seven political entertainment network is right up my alley. And I am probably not alone. Many of you who are reading this would probably find yourself flicking to that channel more often than not.

So prepare yourself for the coming of network that combines Saturday Night Live with The West Wing and intermingles  Meet The Press with Real Houswives of New York.    

Visit and get a sneak peak of what their Fall launch lineup is like.

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7 responses to “World’s First Political Entertainment Network Premeirs This Fall

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  2. Terry Santana

    Not at all. Vimeo keeps track of how many views a video gets…just click the little Vimeo logo in the player. How am I being an ass by pointing out that Moving Numbers aren’t moving?

  3. Uhhh…..Terry, are you an ass or just pretending to be one?

  4. Terry Santana

    And fast forward to Nov 30th, 2009, and public access TV in the boondocks of Arkansas has more viewers than

  5. Louise T

    So, bickering about intellectual property aside, any news on when the first eps will air?

  6. Jack. Does Vote Tom Ryan constitute what would be described as a political entertainment network? Is vote Tom Ryan, not one program? In stating that you just wanted to let me know the whole story, what you actually did here was create your own story. The main story of the post that I have written, is about an entire nework dedicated to to political entertainment. I am not taking anything away from your love of of “Vote Tom Ryan” but I am suggesting “So What”. The true “whole story” is that is a network, the first one devoted to political entertainment. On it, “Moving Numbers” is just one program. To insinuate that the concept of a comedy based on a political campaign is some unique idea patentable by those who come up with it is naive and to be honest and exercise in jealousy. A comedy based on a political campaign is hardly groundbeaking thinking and I doubt Howard J. Thomas is the first or only person to have such a thought. As for the content of “Moving Numbers”, its originality will be determined when it airs. As for any of the other scheduled shows that will be on, I am not sure if the producers of Vote Tom Ryan have a problem with them too, but if they do, it is their problem and their problem alone.

  7. Jack Miller

    Just thought I’d let you know that Moving Numbers was NOT here first. Vote Tom Ryan has been in production for over a year, and it’s a comedy about politics in Scranton, PA. Moving Numbers takes place in Pittsburgh…what a coincidence. The promo vids for Vote Tom Ryan were featured in Wired, on CNN, Daily Beast, and their first Youtube video did over 100,000 views.

    I’m not saying Moving Numbers is unoriginal…I’m just letting you know the whole story.

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