“Fighting For Our Rights in a Post-Constitutional Era of Government”

Bookmark and Share  “Fighting For Our Rights in a Post-Constitutional Era of Government” is the stated purpose of a new blog fittingly entitled  The Conservative Constitutionalist Movement and it can be found at http://ccvoice.wordpress.com/.
Click on the Constitution to visit the Conservative Constitutionaliust Movement blog

Click on the Constitution to visit the Conservative Constitutionalist Movement blog

Its title  is probably less of a title than it is an accurate  description of an increasing sentiment that is seeping into the minds of more and more Americans as each and every day of President Obama’s administration passes. 

As the current ruling liberal Democrat regime of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid implement more and more of  their liberal concepts, all together they are forcing Americans to see policies  reminiscent of failed socialist states.  They are increasingly realizing that with the appointment of  an endless number of Czars, the troika of Obama, Pelosi and Reid  are growing a larger, more centralized, more invasive and more controlling government that will cost the taxpayer more and more money and ultimately deliver less and less freedom.

Many of those Americans who have come to this conclusion were already unhappy with the former administration and felt a disconnect between their lower taxation policy and continued sustained levels of spending.  They also were not pleased with what amounted to the start of a what has now become an uncontrollable trend……..bailout mania.

But now as one administration passed and a new one took control any unhappiness with the previous President and Congress has only been tripled when it comes to the actions of the new ones.  So much so that unhappiness has turned into anger and anger has turned into a movement.

Hence the The Conservative Constitutionalist Movement.

The creator of this new blog happens to be a man whom I am honored to have as an acquaintance.  I call him Friday. 

No. I do not call him on Fridays.   He goes by the name Friday on the political debate website that we are both active participanst of, U4Prez.com

If you haven’t joined the site yet do so because you are missing out on one of the freeset, fiestiest  formats for open political debate on the internet and it has an intriguing added attraction that actually allows you to run your own race for President among the other candidates on U4Prez.

Friday has always been conservative and with an accomplished backgound in economics he is not just some “country bumpkin clinging to his guns and religion”.  He is a man of faith though and he is also a man of conviction, principle, strong character and a deep and abiding faith in the principles that founded this great nation of ours.

So what it comes down to is that Friday is someone whose understanding and love of freedom has forced him to be offended by the blatant assault on freedom that he sees our own federal government carrying out.  So offended that he is a leader in the Conservative Constitutionalist Movement

He believes in the conservative values which, whenever applied corerectly, have proven to be times of our nations greatest success.  And he also believes in the Constitution of the United States.  Believing in it is an inherrent part of conservatism but these day as we see both Republicans and Democrats stretching the Constitution to a breaking point , people like Friday can’t help but try to pull us back and restore us to the constituitonal form of governance that we were meant to have.

So I invite you all to subscribe to his new blog.  If you have any concerns about your country or find yourself confused as to why exactly so many people in this country are angry at what is coming out of Washington, read the Conservative Constitutionalist blog.  In plain black and white, Friday will explain why if you aren’t angry yet, you should be.

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Click here for the U4Prez.com homepage

Click here for the U4Prez.com homepage


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  1. ikefriday

    Thank you for your kind words Kemp. I am thankful for your friendship as well.

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