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Happy Birthday to the Internet

Bookmark and Share    Today is the fortieth anniversary of the internet.
InternetBirthdayContrary to claims once made by Nobel laureate and liberal loon Al Gore, it was not invented by him.

Its first recorded use was actually by J.C.R. Licklider of MIT in August 1962 when he wrote about what he called a “Galactic Network”. According to Licklider, there was a capacity to create a network of computers that everyone could quickly access information from.

From this point on DARPA and ARPANET became the biological manufacturing parents of the internet and are two of the most important acronyms pertaining to the internet.

(DARPA) is the central research and development office for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) otherwise referred to as The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The ARPANET is the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network that was created by (ARPA) and it is essentially the predecessor of the global Internet.

Perfection of the American Defense Department’s use of this “Galactic Network” for, by and between it’s individual entities, combined with many innovative scientists and entrepreneurs within the private sector eventually led to what is seen today as not just an everyday part of lives but an essential part of our everyday lives.

In 1983, the continuing growth of the internet community forced an expansion of its development and use and as time passed and the Internet’s popularity grew, competition eventually made the internet affordable and its availability even more widespread. So much so that a child without internet access in America today is considered underprivileged.

The internet combined with the advancement of its all important natural partner, computers, are undoubtedly one of the most valuable manmade systems that mankind has ever known. Neither can never surpass the importance and convenience of a well written book nor can they replace schools or the development of individual thought and skills. But when used properly, the internet and computers can provide for enhancement of education as well as the proliferation of a vast amount and array of information and entertainment.

While one should know how to correctly spell a world, they should not be allowed to let a computer’s automated spell check feature to become an excuse for not knowing. While one should get up and move and do something to promote their physical fitness, they should not let the internet be a reason for not staying physically active. One could do everything on the internet today. They can have sex, order food, buy clothes, Christmas gifts, see movies and communicate to someone on the other side of the world on the internet. While all of this can be, andin some cases, is quite beneficial, it also has it downsides.

We can become lazy, both physically and mentally. We can expand the opportunities for fraud and in many become isolated from the real world as we sit in front of computer screens and log in to only those virtual worlds that we choose to.

Just as the internet can expand our horizons, its addictive qualities can help to lead to a sheltered life. It is like all other advances that man makes.

The creation of nuclear energy was an incredible advancement for mankind. It has the opportunity to provide clean, efficient, safe and renewable energy for those of us who wish to use it wisely. However; on the flipside, those of us with more sinister motives, have the ability to use nuclear capabilities not for the benefit of humanity but to its detriment.

Yes, like anything else, the internet is good and can be bad. But forty years since its inception one can not deny its overall merits. It has connected the world and increased our ties together. It has helped to make us understand that little Azhar in Iran has many of the same feelings and interests as little Andy in Iowa.

The internet has been able to inform the world of atrocities that need to be stopped and benefits that need to spread. It has spread information and offered a diversity of opinion that allows an open mind to assess reality for themselves. It has given us the ability to stay in touch with friends and family and reunite with long lost loved ones.

Regardless of the abuses of the internet that one can participate in, the internets positives far exceed its negatives and on this day forty years after its invention, we should reflect on one of the greatest creations the world has ever known. Some may argue that it is not the “greatest manmade creation” and I don’t know if I will go out on a limb and say that it is man’s greatest contribution to the universe.  Can we live without it?  We did and can. But I will reaffirm my belief that the internet is, one of the most valuable contributions, to our society. In many ways we are better off for it and I for one know that if you are reading this now, were it not for the internet you  probably wouldn’t be reading it.

Happy Birthday Internet. And many more

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Conservative Blogger Becomes Target of Liberal Web Site

Bookmark and Share    Yours truly recently became the target of a liberal propaganda web site by the name of
DemocraticUnderground.comThey took offense to a quote that I have written and taken on as a mantra ever since the day that radical jihadists brought Islamic terrorism to our shores and killed more than three thousand Americans in a matter of hours on the eleventh of September, 2001.

The quote in question reads as follows:

“May God Bless America and provide us with the strength and perseverance necessary to thwart and eliminate the hidden cowards who threaten all that is precious to us.”

This quite innocent, personally held, sentiment has led to a flurry of activity on which has in turn led to near unprecedented levels of traffic to POLITICS 24/7 where the quote was seen by liberal eyes.

So offended were the senses of the liberal statists that one even wished for my being killed.

The statement helps to prove my long held assertion that liberals and today’s Democrat Party are a hypocrisy basedLiberalHate collection of political retards with little ability to deal with reality and no sense of ethics, morals or responsibility.

The left which tries its best to carry the mantle of tolerance is  in truth the most intolerant lot of people that can be found in this hemisphere.  These are the same people who praise strong women and promote their breaking of any perceived glass ceilings, but only if they are liberal women. If they are a strong conservative woman, they are shunned, attacked and ridiculed by the very same people who would seek to castrate others who would dare do the same to a liberal woman.

These are the same people who seemingly stand full force for the advancement of people of color but only if they are people of color with liberal allegiances and beliefs. To them, a person of color who is conservative is an Uncle Tom and traitor.

Yes liberals have come a long in proving their lack of sincerity and abundantly hypocritical thinking and policies. Such was made even more evident by wishes for my death because I hope that divine powers help us to help ourselves defend against the disguised faces of terrorism.

Regarding that quote, some on this cesspool of asininities known as Democratic Underground stated “wtf? Who does he think these people are and where does he think they are hiding?

That statement received ringing endorsements of support from virtually all who sough to denigrate me for my concerns and beliefs.

That statement and the liberal reaction to it are clear examples of the left’s inability to accept the reality of the world we live in. They seek to ridicule those who take seriously the threats of terrorism. They seek to discount the facts that led to carnage, mayhem and death on 9/11.

It is obvious from the questioning rebuttals on Democratic Underground, that the base of the Democrat Party, does not understand that terrorists rely on the essential element of surprise and that they do not publicly identify themselves as threats to our lives. Instead the left chuckles at the notion that we have enemies. Instead they seek to make fellow Americans out to be the enemy.

A look at the message board on Democratic Underground dealing with the quote of topic in my blog, showed an endless stream of profanity and ridicule. Many consider me tobe  insane and out of touch. Others referred to me as “a pretty boy”.

None of this offends me. It comes from strangers who I do know, but whom through  through their demonstrated ignorance and non-existent civility, I do know I do not respect.

Beyond that though, I do appreciate what these moronic, hypocritical buffoons did.

Their deep rooted hatred, bigotry and ignorance allowed them to put in writing the evidence that substantiates all my beliefs and assertions about the pointlessness, hypocrisy, irresponsibility and detachment from reality that is the base of the contemporary Democrat Party.

The fact is, I greatly appreciated their immature antics and evident trashiness. Not only did it drive a great deal of traffic to my site, it also was an honor of sorts. I am honored to be a target of the socialist left of American politics. Winston Churchill once asked “You have enemies?” When the respondent said “Yes, I do” the statesman, often referred to as the British Bulldog, replied “Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

I do stand up for things in my life.  things like the rule of law and freedom.  Things like out national soverignty and the principles which founded our country.  And God willing, I always will. I will even stand up for the right of those on the left to state their opinions and prove me right about them all the time.

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Is The Obama Administration A Pro-Democracy Government ?

Bookmark and Share    Reuters reports that a State Department official, who spoke on the condition that they not be identified, has made it known that staff in the U.S. State Department has recommended that the removal of Honduran HonduranDisputePresident Manuel Zelaya be declared a “military coup” by Secretary of State Clinton.

Secretary Clinton has not yet agreed to make such a declaration but is expected to make a decision regarding it shortly.

If she does wind up agreeing with the opinion being offered by her underlings in the state Department, the designation of a government that came to power under a “military coup” will cut off $150 million in U.S. funding to Honduras.

Personally, I must question the aid we are giving to this impoverished Central American nation during a time when our nation is in the midst of tough economic times of its own and racking up trillions in debt. That is not to suggest that I would automatically discount extenuating circumstances in the area of humanitarian aid that could be crucial to our national interests or pivotal to security and stability in the Americas and the hemisphere and I do have reason to believe that this is money well spent.  But I still question the amount and its exact purposes.

However, I would not reduce or cut aid to Honduras for the reasons that Secretary of State Clinton is being given.

Designating the events that transpired and led to the legal removal of Manuel Zelaya from office as a military coup is totally inappropriate and uncalled for.

The military deposed Zelaya after being at odds with other branches of government, including the judiciary, over a referendum that Zelaya was illegally conducting. He was seeking to overturn limits to his time in office. The Honduran Supreme Court deemed the referendum and the way in which it was proposed as unconstitutional. Additionally the Honduran Congress voted not to hold it.

The situation could be compared to a U.S. President who was impeached or at the end of his term decided to stay in office for a few extra years and refused to leave the White House. If he refused to abide by our laws and to leave the Oval Office, he would probably not be personally removed by the incoming President. It is more than likely that a member of the military would escort him out and if that didn’t work they would probably have to forcibly remove him or her.

The fact is that article 293 of the Honduran Constitution states “No citizen who has already served as head of the Executive Branch can be President or Vice-President. Whoever violates this law or proposes its reform as well as those that support such violation directly or indirectly, will immediately cease in their functions and will be unable to hold any public office for a period of 10 years.”

It was ruled by an independent Supreme Court that Zelaya’s attempt to stay in power was not allowed and deemed an act against the nation’s Constitution. This was a proper decision and it should be noted that the article speaks about intent and states that removal takes place “immediately” without any mention of trial or impeachment actions.

Upon the Supreme Court‘s decision, Roberto Micheletti, the President of the Congress, was elected Interim President of Honduras by the Congress and sworn in as the provisional president. For the process that took place to be called a military coup is a breach of ethical conduct on the part of the United States and doing so  is also irresponsible and disengenuous.

Although we all have an impressions of Banana Republics in, especially in the Caribbean and Americas, the actions carried out by Honduras’s Congress and Supreme Court were not reminiscent of such clown like governments. They followed their nation’s Constitution, something that President Manuel Zelaya was not prepared to do.

For the United States to call the constitutional actions and constitutional election, by the Honduran Congress, of a provisional president, a coup, flies in the face of what a nation that gave birth to democracy should decide.

By designating the government of Roberto Micheletti as one that was installed by a military coup and cutting off the $150 million that has been appropriated to Honduras will severely handicap the already impoverished nation even more.  But in addition to that money, $215 million in grant funding from the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation to Honduras would also have to end should Hillary Clinton make the determination that a military coup took place.

None of this will stabilize democracy in Central America. It will simply help drive Honduras further under the influence of such enemies of democracy as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega and the heads of a few actual Banana Republics.

U.S. law bars aid “to the government of any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by military coup or decree.” I stand by that law but I do not stand by any determination that considers what happened in Honduras a military coup. What occurred here was a constitutional chain of events that ultimately required members of the military to carry out the constitutionally required removal of a President who tried to exceed the limits of his powers and influence.

What happened in Honduras was not a coup. After the Supreme Court properly deemed Zelaya to be in violation of the nation’s Constitution, the military abided by the ruling and carried out their job, thus preserving the Constitution. Should such actions be condemned and depicted as a violent overthrow?

For members of the State Department to deem the provisional Honduran government of Roberto Micheletti anything but official and go along with the wishes of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and other antagonist of democracy makes me question the judgment and values of the Obama State Department. I must question their commitment to democracy and the rule of law.  All of which the United States should stand as a beacon of.

If  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton follows through on the advice of her colleagues at State and if President Obama agrees with that decision, I will be mortified and will question if our own government has not in and of itself become a Banana Republic.

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Senior Citizens Are Leading The Way To Change You Better Believe In

Bookmark and Share   From the managerial point of a campaign, the name of the game is getting more votes than the opposing campaign. In doing so a campaign manager must look at the demographic breakdown of the electorate and seniorU4ascertain their likely supporters in those demographics. The reason being that in order to win, you must maximize persuasion and voter turnout among the demographics that are inclined to support your candidate.

There are many different aspects that factor in to demographics. First of all they must be registered voters. You can appeal to someone who has a strong opinion but if they are not registered to vote, their opinion does not matter. You have party affiliation and religious backgrounds as well as racial demographics and age. Of all these, and even more demographic breakdowns, age, happens to be one of the most crucial.

It is a fact that out of all specialized categories of voters, senior citizens are the segment who are most dedicated in an election. It is a group that exceeds all other cross tabs including race, gender or religion.

Senior citizens cherish their vote and they use it. There are many reasons for this fact. One deals with the fact that people of retirement age have entered into a less fast paced lifestyle and are not bogged down by long commutes to work and trying to meet deadlines in between addressing all the needs of their domestic lives. This gives them more time to focus on the issues and pay more attention to them. Other reasons deal with the fact that with their age also comes the revelation of the importance in their vote. They have come to learn that the leaders of our nation have more of a direct impact on us than other citizens think or understand. Unlike some younger voters who still feel invincible and detached from the effects of Washington, D.C., senior citizens realize the direct impact that Washington has on us.

Because of these points, senior citizens are the most important voting bloc in almost any election and most definitely in any national election. They comprise almost 14 percent of the national population. More importantly, they comprise an even larger percentage of the voting populace. More than 83 percent of this population registered to vote in the last election. That is the largest percentage of voters out of all other demographic groups. Furthermore, of the 83 percent who can vote, more than 74 percent actually cast a ballot, accounting for the highest voter turnout of any demographic.

All of this clearly demonstrates the importance of the senior citizen vote in the United States. So much so that their approval rating amounts to a number worth watching, especially when it comes to the approval of President Obama.

This week a Gallup poll put President Obama at his lowest approval rating yet and it shows that his approval rating since Election Day has slipped in virtually every age group. But the most significant of all drops came from seniors.

In April the President had 60% of the senior citizen population behind him but today a whopping 17% have been turned off by the change that President Obama wanted us to believe in and now his approval rating from those 65 and older is at 47%. Six percent of that turnaround came about in just the last month.

This bodes well for the G.O.P.

With senior citizens being such reliable voters and making up a significant portion of the electorate, the direction they head in could help to change the direction of Republican prospects.

In the 2008 presidential election, seniors were the only demographic which Republicans performed better with than they did in previous elections. John McCain received 53% of their votes, a percentage that exceeded George Bush’s senior citizen vote totals.

Take into consideration the fact that in 2008, an unusually heavy youth vote, which turned out in greater numbers due to then Senator Obama’s appeal to them and the fact that presidential elections normally draw more infrequent voters to the polls, and Democrats will be at a disadvantage in 2010. Not only do fewer people vote in mid-term elections, or non-presidential election years, but fewer people are standing behind President Obama now than were in 2008.

However, as pointed out earlier, senior citizens, as a voting bloc, tend to vote in all elections.

When you combine the President’s precipitous drop in approval, especial among those 65 and older, with a smaller portion of the liberal base that voted in 2008 turning out to vote in 2010, you have the potential for a dramatically different election results next November.

None of this has been ignored by Republicans and much of it probably accounts for the Senior’s Healthcare Bill of Rights that the R.N.C. put out earlier this week.

If the 17% reduction in support for the President, and Democrats, among senior citizens, were to remain as it is, those numbers will have a dramatic impact on the makeup of Congress.

The following districts have some of the oldest populations in the country, and each has been a swing district over the past few years. A look at just the seven swing districts listed here which are currently held by Democrats makes this clear.

Florida 22nd – Klein
North Carolina 11th – Shuler
Arizona 8th – Giffords
Pennsylvania 4th – Altmire
New Jersey 3rd – Adler
Pennsylvania 10th – Carney
Pennsylvania 11th – Kanjorski

These seven, already competitive districts have some of the largest senior citizen populations in the nation and will surely be targeted by the G.O.P. with strong candidates and an aggressive focus on the reliable senior citizen voting blocs that exist in them.

As noted by Charlie Cook, the knowledgeable and renowned political guru behind the Cook Report, “Many veteran Congressional election watchers, including Democratic ones, report an eerie sense of déjà vu, with a consensus forming that the chances of Democratic losses going higher than 20 seats is just as good as the chances of Democratic losses going lower than 20 seats.”

According to The Cook Political Report, Congressional election model, based on individual races, all factors “point toward a net Democratic loss of between six and 12 seats, but our sense, factoring in macro-political dynamics is that this is far too low.”

Cook added “that the situation this summer has slipped completely out of control for President Obama and Congressional Democrats.”

In previous accounts, I have noted that President Obama must “change gears”. I stated that not because I want Democrats to increase their victories at the polls. I made the remark essentially because his current governing methods are creating a sense of exactly what Charlie Cook stated, “the situation this summer has slipped completely out of control for President Obama and Congressional Democrats”. Cook made that statement in the context of electoral support. I make my claim in the context of our nation moving forward and addressing the problems of economic hardship and international dangers.

If President Obama does not “change gears” I believe that in the coming months, there will be a crisis of confidence among Americans. That will not help anyone.

President Obama must drop his partisan practices. He is not the leader of the D.N.C. and he must begin to work with Republicans and demonstrate that he is the President of the United States and not some leader of a liberal lobbying firm. He must stop trying to ride roughshod over those who do not agree with him.

He must also start to indicate that he is not just talking and dictating to the people but that he is also listening to the people.

If he fails to change his leadership methods he will hear from the people when during next year’s midterm elections, they join with seniors and not necessarily vote for Republicans but definitely vote against Democrats.

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Who Will Succeed Ted Kennedy In The Senate

Bookmark and Share    As sad as the passing of the iconic Ted Kennedy is, after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, the writing on the wall became not just clear, it became quite bold. It was understood that Senator Kennedy would not be in office much longer and that although he would not dare resign to resign despite his inability to effectively serve the people of Massachusetts a replacement would be needed.

Now, even though Senator Kennedy’s life came to an end liberal politics continues. But to discuss possible replacements to pick up where he left off was taboo. Even the most boisterous, power hungry and egocentric politicians refused to at least publicly discuss the issue. But maneuverings behind the scenes most certainly did occur.

Even Senator Kennedy tried to manipulate the selection of his successor by changing the law that allowed a special election to make that determination to one that would give the state’s Democrat governor the opportunity to hand pick who that individual would be.

But aside from that demonstration of political insincerity and hypocrisy, there are reports that Teddy wanted his wife to inherit his senate seat but before his death she indicated no desire for the position. Other reports suggested that Robert Kennedy’s son Joseph was the Liberal Lion’s choice.

Possible Ted Kennedy successors Patrick (left) and Robert (right) Kennedy

Possible Ted Kennedy successors Patrick (left) and Robert (right) Kennedy

That selection would be a tough one to elect. The disturbing details of a messy divorce and Joe’s close ties to Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez make him an easy target to focus on and raise doubt about. But he is a Kennedy, which is the most important consideration that Massachusetts politics apparently takes in to account. He is also a former Congressman who still has 2 million dollars in his campaign account.

Other Kennedy’s mentioned included Caroline, President John F. Kennedy’s daughter, but after failing to show herself up to the job when New York’s Governor David Patterson contemplated appointing her to fill Hillary Clinton’s vacant senate seat, she is unlikely to be her uncle’s successor.

Teddy’s sons Edward, Jr. and Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy are possible contenders but neither really have demonstrated any significant abilities. In fact Patrick’s history of D.U.I.’s makes him a poor choice especially when you combine it with his being a carpetbagger who is serving in Congress as a representative in another state.

Marty Meehan

Marty Meehan

There are of course more than just Kennedy’s in Massachusetts and some are seen as strong possibilities.

That list could include the state’s governor,. Deval Patrick, , the state’s attorney general Martha Coakley, Rep. Edward J. Markey; Rep. Barney Frank; Rep. Stephen Lynch; Rep. Michael Capuano; and Rep. James McGovern. Also under

Edward Markey

Edward Markey

 consideration are Former Rep. Marty Meehan, who resigned his seat to become chancellor of the University of Massachusetts and has $4.8 million in leftover campaign funds.

Rep. Barney "Elmer Fudd" Frank

Rep. Barney "Elmer Fudd" Frank

On the Republican side prospects for victory are slim with the most competitive choices being former Governors Mitt Romney and William Weld, former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey; and former White House chief of staff Andrew Card.

Romney would be wise to forego such a run. I believe he has a better shot at being elected President of the United States than he does at winning another statewide election in Massachusetts. Bill Weld is wacky enough and at times desperate enough to go for it. After serving his two terms as Governor of Massachusetts he briefly ran for Governor and Senator in New York. Briefly. Very briefly.

Andy Card in my opinion could get the nomination but he would go over like a lead balloon and be defeated before the race begins. That leaves former Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey as a likely choice.

Governor Deval Patrick

Governor Deval Patrick

Wherever the chips inevitably land, watching them fall over next few weeks will be very interesting and regardless of all the crocodile tears that many liberal Bay State politicians will be shedding as the nation mourns Ted Kennedy’s death, most of them are dieing to burry Teddy’s body so that they can maneuver themselves into his still warm senate seat.

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Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer Calls Upon Sanford To Resign

Bookmark and Share    In a short while, the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, Andrer Bauer will hold a press conference calling upon Governor Mark Sanford to resign.

SanfordGoneSanford and Bauer have had a very contentious relationship over the years and this announcement could easily be seen as  driven by their rivalry and Bauer’s desire to become Governor.

And it may well be.

However, Andre Bauer is poised to decalre that he will not seek to run for for Governor in his own right if Sanford steps down and that he simply seeks to make the remaining time in Sanford’s term productive and salvage leadership in the state. 

Sanford you will recall disappeared for 5 days leaving an entire state wondering, who was in charge and what happened to their Governor.

It was later learned that the Governor was on a clandestine rendezvous in Argentina with a lovely latina lady whom he famously called his “soul mate”.

The revelation shed light on a long-term, extreamarital affair that the rising Republican star was conducting behind the back of his loved ones.

The escapade, coupled by the irresponsible behavior which compelled him to abandon his state and responsibilities quickly killed predictions of a presidential run by Sanford but it also put his continuing as Governor in jeopardy.

Now Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer is upping the stakes and becoming the highest ranking official to date to seek Sanford’s quick resignation from office.

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Glenn Beck Show Identified By The Use Of Curse Words On T.V. Screens

Bookmark and Share   So there have been claims that the entertainment industry and the media have a liberal bias. The claim is nothing new. It is a charge that has existed for decades and one look at Hollywood, cable or network news or a newspaper and you can understand what has led to this allegation.
Screen shot of how how Optimum identifies the Glenn Beck Show - "Glenif*ck"

Screen shot of how Optimum identifies the Glenn Beck Show - "Glenif*ck"

Once esteemed news outlets such as The Grey Lady of New York, The New York Times has only helped to perpetuate claims of bias. Their recent history is strewn with examples of political favoritism rearing its ugly head in the form of editorialized news stories that deliver more opinion than fact.

But recently a most unorthodox display of bias played itself out on the most unlikely places.

Subscribers to Optimum, a cable television and internet service provider received a little surprise when going through their channel lineup or adjusting their DVR settings.

There among other programs during the same 5:00 pm time slot was the show Glenn Beck. But while other shows like StarGate or Star Trek or the Guiding Light were indicated by their correct spellings and names, the Glenn Beck Show was displayed as “ Glenif*ck “.

Could this be a glitch of some sort? Well maybe but it has to be a pretty selective and stealthy one and it would be a very coincidental one. As of late, Glenn Beck has caught on as one of the largest antagonists of the left to come down the pike since Sean Hanitty went national.

Beck’s defiant demeanor stems from a libertarian, not Republican, streak that infiltrates every school of thought that he present to his viewers and listeners. He has a tendency to throw a monkey wrench into policies that detract from the principles which founded our nation. He uses a rarely referred to document these days, the U.S. Constitution, to point out the problems with contemporary governance in America.

This frustrates many Obama fans and loyalists who disdain any comparisons between President Obama’s liberal socialist policies and actual socialism. So much so that when Glenn Beck became a hit and unattracted an unprecedented number of viewers for his time slot, the liberal media organized itself into a full court press attack on him. At one in April, when Beck’s popularity was first confirmed on the radar, liberal newspapers ran hit pieces on him for weeks.

This was a stark contrast to Lefty media critics who gushed about MSNBC’s boldness at giving a liberal lesbian in Rachel Maddow her own show. For he shallow interviews and lame attempts of humor, the public endured numerous stories of praise in periodicals.

It is clear that while Glenn Beck’s message is being widely received among a general population that is offended by the Gestapo style policies and tactics of the current ruling regime in Washington, the liberal elites have been offended and angered. But despite their disgust with the views expressed by Glenn Beck, none of them can effectively dispute his constitution based opinions and interpretations.

So one must question the legitimacy of his popular program being listed as Glenif*ck.

Will this be explained? Will the doubts about how Glenn Beck got translated into Glenif*ck even be addressed?

A skeptical community of Americans await an answer or at the very least an explanation. Inquiries in to the FCC and Optimum on this incident have yet to be answered but if they are, I’ll be sure to let you know what it may be. I won’t hold my breath waiting for an explanation though.

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Ted Kennedy Dies. Liberal Lions Legacy Launches

Bookmark and Share  Senator Kennedy’s death makes us all pause for a moment. His name evokes many emotions and conjures up thoughts aTedof his storied brothers Jack and Bobby.

The Senator certainly has his share of devoted fans and admirers and the emotions stirred and thoughts conjured up in their minds are all positive. But their exist many others who do not have such positive sentiments.

I am among those of the former opinion. And so at a time like this, I really do not know what to say. The death of any person, with the exception of the most truly evil and dangerous among us in the world, is not a source of any good emotions and the death of Ted Kennedy is quite sad. I do hope that he rest peacefully and I offer my deepest condolences to the members of the Kennedy family, one of America’s most iconic families in American history.

They are a family which has suffered an inordinate and unjust amount of pain and loss and after losing the their patriarch they deserve our prayers.

None of this however allows me to make Senator Ted Kennedy something that he wasn’t. Although he had a longevity in politics that his two famed brothers were denied, Ted Kennedy did not leave behind a legacy as great as either of his of them.

Chappaquiddick will always be a part of his legacy, a dark spot on his legacy, a very sad and dark spot which documented Ted Kennedy’s lack of integrity and his sense of being above the law.

And while some fondly refer to him as the Liberal Lion, others realize that with that name came a quality that many Americans do not view positively……partisanship. Ted Kennedy was one of the most partisan politicians that the Senate had to offer and some have had to question if his first loyalty was to his country or was it to his party.

In many ways many of the qualities which made Ted Kennedy such a respected man by some are also the same reasons that some did not respect him for. There are those who hung on his every word because he was a Kennedy while others saw him as only having his position because he was a Kennedy.

Some are impressed by his 47 years in the United States Senate while many others were turned off by his being a career politician who spent the vast majority of his life in the Senate. The great liberal legacy that he represents is admired by some whereas others found his championing of only liberal policies as a sign of blind partisanship.

Just days ago, I posted my own harsh words for Senator Kennedy. After trying to get the Massachusetts state legislature to change the law which would have his replacement in the Senate chosen by the Governor instead of being chosen in a special election, I was incensed at the nerve the Senator had. He wanted to undo the very law he helped change when the Governor who would have had the opportunity to fill any vacancies was a Republican. The fact that Senator Kennedy wanted to usurp democracy in Massachusetts for partisan interests was an example of political insincerity and hypocrisy.

Ted Kennedy’s sad passing does not change these things. It does not erase any of his shortcomings  or y anshenanigans he took part in.

Yet I am sure that in death the senator will be canonized and turned into a greater figure than he actually was. There will be bridges, highways, schools, state office buildings, parks, airports and post offices all named after him. I am certain that healthcare reform which had its name changed to health insurance reform will now take on another new name and be called the Ted Kennedy Health Security Act.

All of this is likely to occur as a result of all that the senator influenced and did but none of it will cover all of the scars left behind. While structures and legislation will be named after Ted Kennedy there will be no buildings or parks named after Mary Jo Kopechy.

I will respect Ted Kennedy for the sacrifices that he made for what he believed in. No matter who you are, you do indeed make sacrifices as a public servant. But I will not go with the much anticipated flow, no, make that the flood of praise for Ted Kennedy that we will see and make him in death, something that he was not in life.

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Town Hall Meeting Shows That Americans Do Not Believe That Obama Is Sincere

Bookmark and Share    Today I listened to Senator John McCain’s town hall meeting on healthcare reform in Sun City, Arizona. He brought up many valid points and pretty much adhered to the widely held Republican ideas regarding what they believe should Americans have little faith left in President Obama, already!be the first steps for effective reforms. But aside from all the minutia and valid arguments presented at the event, one thing stood out to me.

As Senator McCain was wrapping up his remarks, he said, “I believe President Obama is being sincere on the issue“. He was about to continue by saying “but we don’t agree on the approach that we should take“, but the large crowd in attendance interrupted the Senator with jeers and boos before he could finish his statement.

The demonstrated disapproval from the audience was not directed at the Senator as much as it was a response to how sincere they believe the President is on the issue.

Senator McCain calmly encouraged the crowd not to think the President is insincere but it did not really change any minds in the audience. The incident shed light on an important part of President Obama’s problem not only on healthcare but in general. There is a significant segment of the population who do not trust the President. They do not necessarily believe in him or the much touted mantra of “change” that he asked us to believe in when he was running for election to the presidency.

Without actual accurate polling to refer to, I will not claim that the segment of society that feels this way is a clear majority of the population, but it is a significant enough number of Americans to make it hard for the President to ram through his entire legislative agenda in a mere eight months and there is nothing to make them think otherwise.

For example, as the nonpartisan C.B.O. (Congressional Budget Office) released a report indicating that the recession we are in is much deeper than opinions have estimated, they also pointed out that the President’s current spending spree will lead to a deficit of $9 trillion over 10 years. That is $2 trillion more than was forecasted earlier this year.

Other factors indicated that while there may be ever so slight recovery signals in the economy, an inordinate number of Americans will continue to be jobless for much longer than expected and well in to next year.

These nonpartisan assessments do not help make Americans believe in President Obama’s economic supervision or his proposed stimulus packages which White House talking point memo’s has urged Democrats to refer to not as a stimulus package but rather a recovery plan.

The move even led liberal loon Congressman Elmer Fudd , I mean Barney Frank, of Massachusetts to state “I’m not supposed to call it stimulus. The messaging experts in Washington have told us we’re supposed to call it the ‘recovery plan’ because that works out better with focus groups. I was puzzled by that because I have found that most people would rather be stimulated than recover.”

Smart remarks from asinine legislators aside, much of the American people are not confident in what President Obama is doing.

The best interpretation of the condition of the economy that the public has heard coming from economic officials in the White House was that things aren’t as bad as they could be. That is not a glowing assessment and does little to build confidence.

Now, as presented by the C.B.O., more dire news is released.

All of this is helping to cause Americans to distrust the President. After almost eight months in office, a sizeable portion of Americans have become more doubtful about the President than assured by him.

This lack of confidence, this lack of belief in him, makes it all the more difficult for him to gain support for another expensive, deficit exploding, questionably effective, spending plan that would create government run healthcare in America.

Couple this with an obvious lack of bipartisanship on the part of the President and as indicated by those in attendance at John McCain’s town hall, a lack of confidence in him has begun to fester and turn into a perceived lack of sincerity.

That is a dangerous sentiment for people to have of their leader and left unchecked things will only get worse. If this sense sets in, the Democrat ship will sink fast and not only will its captain, the President, go down with the ship, so will many of the Democrat hands on deck.

Right now, in the only two races for governor up this year, Republicans have wide leads over their Democrat opponents. In Nevada Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lags behind his likely Republican opponent by double digits. None of this is an indication of people believing in change that they were asked to believe in.

I believe that the time has come for President Obama to change gears. I think he must begin to work with his opponents instead of chastising them and calling them “mobs” or placing them on watch lists and asking Americans to report those who offer dissenting opinions to the government.

On healthcare, I have repeatedly pointed out that the only way to achieve any reforms will be through a sincere bipartisan effort. I have pointed out that the lack of bipartisan commitment was the downfall of other attempts at reform dating as far back as the 1930’s under FRDR and as recently as the early 90’s under Bill Clinton. Why President Obama, a supposedly brilliant and skilled leader, has chosen to take the same partisan approach that has consistently failed throughout history is beyond me. Yet just a week ago reports confirmed that the White House considered reconciliation, the nuclear, go-it-alone, option that would push health reforms through with only Democrat support.

Thinking like that helps to make people believe that President Obama is insincere. It makes the President look less a leader than a partisan hack.

None of this instills faith in him.

After seeing the Democrats try to ram through such measures as the crap-and-tax bill which would tax the air that we breathe and amount to the greatest transfer of wealth in history and after seeing the President try to demand that healthcare reforms got passed before the August recess Americans have become skeptical. They have been give reason to wonder if insincere motives are leading the ruling regime to get pass bills before people have the chance to read them.

If President Obama does not quickly change gears, I think it is safe to say that the wheels rolling the change he wants us to believe will come unhinged and none of what he hoped to achieve will be realized. Perhaps his all-or-nothing approach to government should be explored again. After all, it is that same approach which President Obama and others criticized former President Bush for. They chastised him for not trying to build consensus in foreign policy. They berated him when in regards to terrorism he told the world “you’re either with us or against us.”

Well that is the same path that President Obama and his liberal cohorts in Congress are taking. Will they continue to prove me right in pointing out that Democrats have become a hypocritical based party? Or will they begin to act responsibility and convince Americans of their sincerity on the issues?

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World’s First Political Entertainment Network Premeirs This Fall

Bookmark and Share   Few have probably heard of but if you are political insider or junkie like me, pretty soon it will become a tab in your favorites tool bar.

zolitics_logoIn a unique demonstration of political bipartisanship renowned Republican consultant John Brabender, former McCain advisor Leslie Gromis-Baker, Democrat strategist Tad Devine and ex-Bush White House confidant Sara Taylor have joined forces to create a cyber network that is completely devoted to politics….the humorous side of it.

According to Tad Devine in an interview in Politics Magazine, “being a political consultant, you have a lot of time in the off years, when you’re not working 24 hours a day”. According to him, was a “good way to spend a chunk of time and show people the mechanics of elections.”   And so a few consultants with time on their hands have begun, the first “Political Entertainment Network”.  Among other things, will feature a number of ongoing webisodes that so far include such series aszoliticsmovingnumbersMoving Numbers” which is a ongoing 12 part saga of a dysfunctional U.S. Senate campaign in Pennsylvania.

Moving Numbers gives a hilarious glimpse at the real world, behind the scenes challenges and traumas that confront high profile campaigns for elected office. This series will include some real life politicians and political operatives including Democrat strategist Bob Shrum and pollster Frank Luntz.

If you like reality television Zolitics has “Scoops”, which features political reporters and the real story behind the smiling faces that deliver us the news after dealing with the often messy and chaotic conditions that go into the coverage of politics and political campaigns. Scoops features amateur journalists who compete for the delivering of real news stories.

zoliticsmyamericaOther series aired only on Zolitics include “My America”. This compilation puts accomplished and devout liberals and conservatives together on cross country road trips as each of these political polar opposites introduce each other to their conservative and liberal lifestyles that they live.

The first episode of My America will star former Pennsylvania conservative senator Rick Santorum who is a contributor to FOX News and former Al Gore Campaign Manager, Clinton administration official and Democrat strategist Donna Brazille, a CNN contributor.

The fourth ongoing series is “Look Who’s Coming To Dinnerzoliticsdinner

This program is co-produced with Politics Magazine and it takes viewers to the trendy, upscale restaurants that the political establishment and its players haunt.

The show allows the audience to eavesdrop in on the dinner conversations of many of our nations political power players as they dine in some D.C.’s finest restaurants and political meeting spots.  It’s entitled “Political Rehab” and it features political figures who have fallen from grace and are trying to make a comeback.  I can see it now.  Larry Craig and Rod Blagojevich commiserating over lobster tails and cocktails as they try to justify or explain away their conduct and plan their next runs for office.

Zolitics, The Political Entertainment Network, currently only exists on the internet but talks have begun to turn it into a cable network or network broadcast.

All I know is, for me the only television I watch consists of viewing that is limited and devoted to specialty channels like C-Span, cable news, The History Channel and Animal Planet.

OK, and sometimes the Food Network.

Specialty stations have become quite successful within niche markets they serve and so I think The Political Entertainment Network stands a good chance at making the jump from the web to television.

As the creator and author of a blog called POLITICS 24/7, a twenty four seven political entertainment network is right up my alley. And I am probably not alone. Many of you who are reading this would probably find yourself flicking to that channel more often than not.

So prepare yourself for the coming of network that combines Saturday Night Live with The West Wing and intermingles  Meet The Press with Real Houswives of New York.    

Visit and get a sneak peak of what their Fall launch lineup is like.

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