Get Yer “Gone” Barack Obama Countdown Clock

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If you’re like me, pointing out the lurches to socialism, hypocritical behavior, total distortions and absolute ridiculous nature of the Obama administration is not enough and while trying to provide alternative solutions to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda, you are counting the days till real change comes to America.


For that purpose I pass on to you this “Gone” Barack Obama countdown clock.


Use it with vigilance and use it to time your strategies for firing those shots in a second American revolution…..A revolution to restore America to it founding principles.

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Just click the “Get & Share link in the bottom portion of the countdown widget for the proper embed codes for the platforms you wish to use it in.

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And while we’re waiting for that fateful moment of President Obama’s eviction from the White House here a few jokes to hold you over:


Q: What’s the problem with Barack Obama jokes?
A: His followers don’t think they’re funny and other people don’t think they’re jokes


Q: Why are there so few real Barack Obama jokes?
A: Most of them are true stories.
Q. Why won’t Barack Obama’s presidential jet be flight worthy?
A. It will only have a left wing.

 There’s nothing wrong with the people who voted for Obama that becoming taxpayers won’t cure.


Q. Why does Barack Obama support our servicemen?
A. He doesn’t.


It’s a funny thing about socialists; give one an inch and the next thing you know he’ll be president.


Q. What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
A. Deductible.


Have you ever noticed how Obama thinks nothing is impossible as long as somebody else has to pay for it?


Q. Why is Barack Obama jealous of Hillary Clinton?
A. She the one with the cojones.



  Messiah Barack Jokes



 Backwards Barack’s Soldiers

Backwards, Barack’s soldiers, retreat from the war,
With no preconditions going on before.
Barack, the new Commander, flees the ancient foe;
Leaves behind the battle, hear Him spinning go!


 Q. Why doesn’t the Church of Obama Messiah light candles?
A. Obama wants to keep his followers in the dark.


Q. Why haven’t Obama’s followers demanded that his face be added to Mount Rushmore yet?
A. They’re still trying to figure out how to carve a stone halo.


Q. Why didn’t Obama Messiah notice all of the terrible things Pastor Wright was saying?
A. He was too busy polishing his Halo.


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2 responses to “Get Yer “Gone” Barack Obama Countdown Clock

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  2. I saw this countdown clock and it made me laugh. I can’t wait until the 2012 election when this nightmare will be over!

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