Barbara Boxer; The Leading Cause of Homosexuality Among Male Californians

boxerU4PrezBookmark and Share     As Barbara Boxer prepares to run for a third term in the United States Senate the Brooklyn born California representative appears to be pretty cocky these days and below, you will find a video that I threw together to demonstrate just how cocky she has gotten, and in it, you will find the proper response that one man should have had for Boxer.
Never one to mince words, Barbara Boxer first came to Washington, D.C. in 1982 after winning an election to the House of Representatives with the slogan “Boxer gives a damn”.

 Since that time she has continued to present herself as a sort of princess whose ring and posterior must be kissed. But after being elected to the United States Senate in 1992, even her little head got too big for her imaginary crown. Now, with Democrats back in the majority, she has really gotten , well to put it nicely, pretty arrogant.

A few weeks ago, Brigadier General. Michael Walsh of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was testifying before a Senate committee regarding the restoration of coastal Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Upon Her Majesties asking the General a question, he began his answer by respectfully addressing Boxer as “ma’am”.

Her Royal Highness immediately cut Gen. Walsh off and stated “‘You know, do me a favor, Could you say ‘senator’ instead of ‘ma’am?” She added “‘It’s just a thing, I worked so hard to get that title, so I’d appreciate it, yes, thank you’.

Gen. Walsh graciously complied and replied “Yes, Senator”

Now it should be noted that even a real queen, not some San Francisco queen or the self perceived senatorial queen from Oakland California, but the Queen of England, is actually referred to as “ma’am”. It is the norm of protocol for anyone who has the privilege to meet the Queen, yet such a respectful acknowledgement is beneath the likes of Barbara Boxer.

But putting that little fact aside, the General was actually following the U.S. Army’s own guide to protocol which dictates that members of the U.S. Senate should be verbally addressed as “Sir,” or “Ma’am,”. There was no breach of etiquette here and in fact it is Her Highness the Royal Bitch of the West whom should be apologizing to General Walsh for talking down to him.

Interestingly enough, although Boxer has a problem being called “ma’am by a member of the military she has no problem being called “a cutie” by others.

Back on February 19th of 2007, then U.S. Senator Barack H. Obama came to California for a fundraiser hosted by Boxer. There before a crowd of 2,000 he took to the stage and proceeded to call the Senator “a cutie”.

The audience applauded wildly and to the side of the stage, the California Queen stood laughing and clapping.

I guess senatorial privilege allows for women in politics to be called cute without any offense but heaven forbid you serve the country in the armed forces and address the “cutie” as “ma’am”. Among them Boxer has no humility and as such she rages on as a liberal so rabid that her scorn requires a series of painful rabies shots.

At 4’11’ what Boxer lacks in size and class, she makes up for in attitude.

Her bitterness on all things political is consistently conveyed every time she pulls out, what colleagues have come to call, the “Boxer Box”, a box she uses whenever she approaches a lectern and speaks. Once on that crate, the words to come out of her mouth are always among the most partisan in Congress and they all lack a little something called intelligence and logic.

This point was recently hammered home when in a hearing of the committee she chairs, the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, she decided to play the race card regarding the testimony being given by a black man at the committee’s hearing on energy policy.

Mr. Harry C. Alford, an African-American and President of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, came before the committee to submit his testimony regarding the effects of energy policies as it pertains to the organization he represents.

He was presenting a perspective that was not based on race and a contemporaneous race based opinion but rather a case that highlighted factually rooted data and statistics that supported his claims. The conclusion of which was that Her Majesties energy proposals would have a negative effect on the commerce interests he represented.

The testimony inspired the egomaniacal political prostitute to whip out and place in the record a resolution from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People as well as that of a group called 100 Black Men of Atlanta. The data in both these offerings were based solely on the unsubstantiated opinions of each group . There was no scientific evidence, no convincing statistical data to support the N.A.A.C.P.’s conclusion and most importantly, no logical reason for Barbara Boxer to interrupt Mr. Alford’s testimony to bring up the N.A.A.C.P. opinion.

The only reason the report was thrown in Mr. Alford’s face was because he was black. That fact forced the royal pain, Her Majesty the Queen of California, to try to pigeon-hole Mr. Alford by trying to discount his conclusions on energy reform policies by using the non-scientific opinion of another group representing Africa-American’s.

According to Boxer, the reason for submitting the inconsequential, non-scientific resolution from the N.A.A.C.P. into the record, during Mr. Alford’s testimony, was to prove that there was “diversity of support” for her position. The truth of the matter is that Boxer is a clueless, snotty race-baiting liberal elitist who was disgruntled by the fact that a man of color would contradict her opinion.

The out-of-the-blue timing for Boxer’s curt response to Alford prompted him to let the senator know that he found her actions to be condescending.

With sincere indignation, Alford added “you’re getting racial” in the climate change debate. “All that’s condescending, and I don’t like it. It’s racial. I take offense to it. As an African-American and a veteran of this country, I take offense to that,” he said. “You’re quoting some other black man — why don’t you quote some other Asian or some other… You’re getting racial here.”

He also smartly suggested that the little white woman before him was one of the last people on earth who should try to tell him, a black man, what black men thinks. “You’re speaking on behalf of the black community?” Alford asked. “Why are you doing the colored people association’s study with the black Chamber of Commerce?”, he added.

The unreasonable and irrational conduct demonstrated by Boxer, in this case, again proved that the diminutive little lady from California has more mouth than brains and more ego than logic.

A few years ago Boxer sparked nationwide outrage and loud denunciations when she refused to offer Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice an apology after scolding her during a debate over Iraq.

Boxer attacked Rice for being a childless woman and implied that because Rice had no children, she could not understand the sacrifices made by families of U.S. troops in Iraq and that Rice didn’t grasp the “price” of the war.

The incident was yet another example of Barbara Boxer’s utter lack of decorum.

As a woman, her lack of endearing qualities and shrill bitterness is undoubtedly the number one cause of homosexuality among male Californians . They are also qualities that give added reason for not missing that hag when her time in the Senate is up.

Hopefully, in 2010 Californians will precipitate that result. But we are talking California here.

This is the same state that considers Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a Republican. It is the same state that elected Gray Davis as their Governor only to recall him and replace him with “The Terminator.” So anything is possible in the state that is often sarcastically referred to as the land of nuts and fruits. And come 2010, you just don’t know what Californians will do. They might just find Barbara Boxer to be the most bitter nut in the land, say “Hasta La Vista Baby” and throw her out on her royal ass, or they could just coronate Her Majesty to a third term in the Senate.

Either way, from now on, I will show Barbara Boxer the same respect that she has shown to those who have had to come before her and seriously address the important issues that confront us. That said, seeing as how both Boxer and I were born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I know how to give Boxer a well deserved and commonly used one finger, Brooklyn salute and I am sure that she understands what it means.

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