Eliminating Presidential Term Limits

In a time when the left has risen to a level of federal control that they have not seen since SerranoAmendment1994, liberals are beginning to feel their oats. They amend bills under the cover of night and rush votes to the floor before anyone can responsibly review what’s in them. They have even resorted to turning off microphones and shutting off the lights to make discussions impossible.

Now that they have control of both houses of Congress and the White House, Democrats feel secure in their positions and confident in their opinions. They stand tall and proud in knowing that the best thing for Americans is to relinquish some of their choices and finances to the control of the liberal led , one party ruled, federal government that they control so that they can make better decisions with your life than you can. They are so confident that they even took the bull by the horn and passed the Tax-and-Trade-Cap that asserts it is their right to tax the very air that you breathe.

That was a pretty bold move to make, but it goes to show that the confidence level of the left is stronger than ever.

They are inspired by the elevation of everyone’s favorite community organizer to the office of the presidency. They feel safe to run amuck with one of the most radical, collectivist agendas the nation has ever seen since the days that Franklin Delano Roosevelt reigned supreme as President for 13 years and was elected to four consecutive terms in office.

With President Obama at the helm, the left feels confident that they have a figure that can talk his way out of anything and who is so historically appreciated that he can shield the entire party and its elected officials from any and all negative effects created by their legislative misdeeds and socialist impulses.

Democrats have become so confident and so invested in the new President that they have begun to pave the way for his reelection. But I am not talking about President Obama’s possible reelection to the presidency in 2012. I am talking about his 2016 and 2020 reelections to the presidency.

Yes my friends, you read that right.

The left is so grateful for President Obama’s elevation to the presidency that they have introduced H.J. Resolution 5, which seeks to repeal the 22nd article of amendment to the United States Constitution. The amendment would eliminate term limits on the office of President of the United States and allow the relatively young President Obama to surpass even FDR’s record breaking 13 years and 4 terms in office.

It is bad enough that government is growing with unprecedented cost and to an unprecedented size as it expands and creates “Czars” for everything from cars to finances but do we actually want a President that is treated more like a king and allowed to consolidate power for the rest of his life?

Don’t get me wrong. I do not have any fears about President Obama remaining in power for more than four years. I will stick by my assertion that President Obama is just another Jimmy Carter and that the American people will soon regret the choice that they made when they decided to make a left turn with Obama, Pelosi and Reid, but I do find it interesting to discover how truly shallow the left in America is today.

They are so infatuated with the popularity of their history making standard bearer and so desperate to cling to power that they want to pin all their hopes on him. So much so that President Obama had not even taken the oath of office, yet and on January 6th of this year the Democrats proposed to lift any limits on the time that he could serve. Even before he began to serve.

Of course this resolution has a long road to travel. Its introduction is just the first step. Since the bill’s sponsor , New York liberal Representative Jose Serrano, presented this resolution it must go to committee be investigated, debated, and revised. If that ever happens it can go before the entire house for general debate. If on the odd chance that it ever gets to that point and passes, this amendment would then have to be ratified by three fourths of the states.

I don’t know about you but I don’t think this will happen. If Americans are going to approve any measures pertaining to how many terms politicians can serve in any office, they will be in the direction of more limits on their time in office not more terms in office.

But that doesn’t prevent Democrats from at least trying. These are the same people that just successfully legislated a fee on air so maybe eliminating limits on their messiah really isn’t all that far fetched.


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