America Is Sorry ?

reaganberlinwallblog1Die Welt ist ein besserer Ort wegen der Aktionen und Führung von Amerika und die Menschen.

You probably don’t know what that means.   It is German.

It is a language that we would probably be more familiar with had the United States not stood up to tyranny and finally came to the rescue of the world when Adolf Hitler was on the march.

In English, it  means “the world is a better place because of the actions and leadership of America and its people.”

Whatever language you may wish to say it in, that statement is true and accurate.

It is also true that America is a conglomeration of people from allover the world. There are Germans who are American. There are Italians who are American and Japanese, Pakistanis, Indians, Nigerians, Iranians, and people of every single nationality found in the world, who call themselves American . They come seeking a better way of life, a life of increased freedom and opportunity because, like it or not, the United States of America is a shinning city atop the hill.  A city whose sparkles of security and prosperity and glimmers of hope, attract the oppressed who are held back by socialism, fascism, totalitarianism , communism and even terrorism.

After breaking free from the ties that once bound them, together, under the banner of the United States of America, these people embrace the values of independence and freedom, the values that make us strong.

Those are the very same values that many nations are either incapable of defending or whose leaders are afraid to be put in harms way for.

Yet despite this truth, on his first trip to Europe as President, our Commander in Chief has taken it upon himself to go to a continent that Americans died defending, and called our American efforts “arrogant” and “divisive”.

Was it arrogant when America provided the essential leadership and blood that freed Europe?  Was it divisive when President Reagan reunited East and West Germany after standing up to the Soviet Union and called upon Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall?”

In the past, American Presidents like Roosevelt, Kennedy and Reagan went to Europe and provided the leadership that achieved peace and saved nations. Yet President Obama goes to Europe to practically apologize.  He goes abroad feeling guilty for leading a nation that saved other nations and recently rid the world of a violent dictator and  freed the people once tormented by that dictator.

There is no need to apologize or to make excuses for America’s efforts to bring peace and democracy to suffering nations. There exists no reason to apologize for our generosity to the world’s nations or for our leadership in combating pandemics.

Yet President Obama speaks of our nation’s role in the world as something we need to make amends for.

The last time he went to Europe, he appeared before the people of Germany when he was running for President and spoke to them as a “citizen of the world”.   There he said “our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions.”

Which actions?  Our actions to end slavery?  Our actions which extended the blessings of liberty?   The action we have taken  to combating Islamic terrorism?

I am sorry.

I am sorry that President Obama holds such a view.   I am sorry that he feels America is merely just one among twenty of the worlds strongest economies. I am sorry that President Obama finds it necessary to consider the leadership that America, can and does provide,  as a source of our problems rather than as a solution to our problems.

Such a view does not bode well for either us or the rest of the world.   Such a view puts us at risk.

Without our willingness to undertake the efforts that other nations are less willing to involve themselves in or unable to undertake, the world we live in would succumb to the enemies of freedom and the threats to our lives.

Who among us expects France to stand up to another Russian invasion of Poland or any of the newly established soveriegnty of  former Soviet bloc nations?   Who among us believes that France even could stand up to them if they so desired? Just the mere fact that a strong and righteous America exists is enough to keep some potential aggressors at bay.

Would NATO have any teeth were it not for the intelligence, technology, strength and capabilities of America’s will, concern, leadership and military?

Could the United States rely on India, Germany or Mexico or Sweden to aggressively pursue organized,  internationally networked,  Islamic terrorist cells on their own?

President Obama is correct in asking other nations to join the current effort to combat Islamic terrorism. He is right to warn them that the risks are as high to them as they are to us.   But he is not right for condemning America for facing the threats that other nations neglect to address.

Maybe I am an arrogant American.

Maybe I believe my nation is special.

The fact that my nation has been the savior of others and that in many instances, our strength and generosity, is what continues to stand between them and the end of their sovereignty,  helps to promote my so called arrogance.

Yet that so called arrogance is tempered by my knowledge of the fact that we are not invincible.   It comes with the knowledge that although freedom is an inalienable right, it is not the natural state of humanity.  It is not something that you can just talk about.  It is something that has a cost.   Unlike the view of other nations,  I know that my country must defend freedom.   I know that we must allow it to prosper here, at home,   in order to remain the shinning city atop that hill to those abroad.

My so called arrogance is really not arrogance.  It is respect and understanding.   Respect for all that makes us great and an understanding that our greatness is not something we need to apologize for.  It is something that should be appreciated. 

Europe and other regions of the world should thank God for the creation of an America that always stands at their side. An America that twice defended them against German militarism, communist barbarism, and today against Islamic terrorism.

I just wish America’s President thought that we were as special as I think we are.  I wish he saw the value of America’s leadership and our invaluable contribution to the world.

Gott segne Amerika. (God bless America.)

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