Bookmark and Share    Internationally renowned artist, Anthony Falbo, recently brought current events to canvas by painting the work depicted below, which he calls “President Obama, Change”.  Subsequently, he placed it in his gallery, took a few pictures and put the painting on eBay

president_baracl_obama_changeThe “Buy It Now” price is 21 million dollars.

Less learned observers of art history and technique, like myself, may describe his work as bold, colorful and in some cases, cartoon-like. Art experts and connoisseurs however, consider Falbo’s works to be innovative strokes of genius that combine cubism and abstractionism into an art fusion style called cubestraction. Such officianados claim that Falbo’s creations are all about color and composition and that his use of cubestration catapults him into an endless universe of creativity and freedom of expression.

If you listen closely, you can almost hear Dr. Frasier Crane go into a poetically verbose description to his brother Niles about his latest high priced and highly prized artistic acquisition from Seattle’s Le Cigare Volone .

As for me, I take nothing away from Anthony Falbo. In fact I give him a great deal of credit. I can’t paint a lick for my life and although, I can’t vouch for technical merit either, I find his work good for what it is. But in addition to his apparent artistic ability is his financial savvy.

Falbo’s timing is perfect. President Obama is in the midst of a political honeymoon and although his approval ratings are slipping at a rate much faster than his predecessor ‘s were during this same point in time of his administration, they are still relatively high. So now is as good a time as ever for Falbo to try to make a hefty profit for  “President Obama, Change”. What makes now an especially good time is the fact that the paintings subject has not yet had the opportunity to implement all his new tax policies. Once his hikes join with the proposed increases of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Anthony Falbo might only make a few cents on each dollar he does sell it for. So its now or never.

Now some of you may feel that 21 million dollars is a little pricey and although it may be a bit steep, Falbo is not totally unrealistic about things.

On the auction page, he lets us know that the suggetsed retail value is 1 million dollars so he will consider a “best offer”, so long as it is above 19 thousand dollars.

Falbo states, that anything below that price will not be taken seriously.

The funny thing about it is, despite all the discussion over tough economic times, I bet Anthony Falbo’s “President Obama, Change” will actually fetch quite a handsome price.

In between their feigned concern for the working class, the rich, hoity-toity, New York Times, culturally elite, liberal snob types are salivating over this one of a kind piece of art. Despite their self proclaimed support for the average man, bourgeois, leftist, hypocrites are falling allover themselves to own a “Falbo” creation depicting the worlds greatest contemporary liberal icon.

It will be interesting to see just how much the painting grabs. It will be even more interesting to see the liberal who will drop tens of thousands, if not millions of dollars, on an Obama painting, while at the same time, they tell us how concerned they are for those less fortunate.

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A foolish woman approached an artist at an exhibition.

Oh, how wonderful to meet you!” she said.

I’d like to buy one of your paintings. Do they have a big sale?”

Only when I draw big boats,” said the artist.

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