In the Islamic faith a madrasa is school for the study of the Koran and Islamic thought,. Many madrasas are wrongfully used to teach extremist Islamic views and indoctrinate the young into jihad against what they call, the great Satan, the United States.

When used as a training ground for terrorism, madrasas are dangerous. They perpetuate a corrupted interpretation of a religion and breed violence and hatred all in the name of Allah.

Such schools of propaganda are frowned upon and not only discouraged but fought against. Yet here in the United States a growing number of political madrasas are cropping up in the gymnasiums and classrooms of our own public schools. They have grown in number from California to New York and were inspired by followers of liberal messiah Barack Obama.

Liberals who have been blinded by hatred for Republicans and motivated by their jealousy of Republican electoral victories and that hatred and jealousy has inspired them to spread their message through the basic educational institutions within the nation’s school systems.

Just a few weeks ago a college level teacher forced students to complete an assignment that ripped apart Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention. A contrary approach that would have supported her speech by a student, who agreed with what she said, was unacceptable and did not fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

Shortly after that, low grade elementary school children were gathered together for days of rehearsal as they prepared for a choir performance that sang the virtues of Barack Obama.

Now in Missouri, another teacher was reprimanded for gathering students together for pro-Obama military like drills that shout out adoring chants for Barack. As you can see in the video, it is an eerie display of Nazi like military celebrations for Hitler.

In fact all of these public school activities and the training of children into liberal ideologies before thay have developed sense of personal independent thought are frightening. The biased indoctrination of youth by public school educators is appalling. The single digit aged kids singing in choirs for Obama is reminiscent of communist Chinese school auditoriums paying homage to Mao Tse Tung.

What I find most intriguing is the fact that the educators who are sponsoring these events are the very same people who refuse school prayer or the pledge of allegiance to be conducted in the public domain. Yet they are more than happy to train school children to believe that Barack Obama is our savior and that he is the one person we must have faith in.

It is another example of liberal hypocrisy and a prime example of the same type of madrasa-like atmosphere that extremists use to brainwash children and draft them into jihad.

The problem, for me, is that this is still America. The Islamic jihad has not yet converted our population to their cause and the tactics that they use should not be adopted by American schools and educators. It is bad enough that many institutions of higher learning are dominated by liberal radicals like domestic terrorist and Obama buddy Bill Ayers who is now a Chicago professor. But the line must be drawn in our elementary institutions.

Liberals preach the virtues of tolerance and acceptance. They accuse all others who are not liberal of being intolerant and prejudiced yet they have no qualms about brainwashing innocent children into promoting their own biases and intolerances. Just like the extremist madrasas promoting their sheep-like flock of terrorists.

All of this is a result of the very real messiah image that Obama has created for himself. An image that he, himself, believes and that his mindless, desperate, bitter, hateful followers agree with. For them Obama can do no wrong even though he has done nothing in his entire political career. For them winning is all that matters and for them no one is immune from their tactics to win, not even innocent children. It is dangerously similar to the bombing tactics of William Ayers or Hezbollah and it is unacceptable in a democracy, especially our American democracy.

It is time for Barack Obama to denounce such tactics and help to stem the prostituting of our youth in an attempt to promote a political agenda. Does he adore and endorse these tactics the same way that Kruschev did when children from all over the former Soviet Union gathered in Red Square to sing his prais behind a backdrop of the latest military hardware? Or does Barack reject such spectacles and tactics as an illegitimate and inappropriate use of children for political purposes? Having the messianic complex that he has of himself, I think I know the answer to that question.


Barack Obama is running down the street one day, and he sees a little girl who is giving away puppies that her dog just had.He goes up to the girl and says, “Little girl, I think that it’s wonderful that you’re doing such a good thing.”

The little girl says, “Thank you, Senator Obama. Would you like a puppy? They’re Democrats.”

Barack declines and jogs onward. The next day Barrack jogs past the same girl and decides to talk to her again.

“You know what, little girl? I think I’ll take one of those puppies after all, seeing as how they’re Democrats.”

The girl says, “I’m sorry Senator Obama, but they’re not Democrats any more. They’re Republican now.”

Barack says, “They are? How do you know? As a matter of fact, how did you know that they were Democrats at first to begin with?”

She says, “Well, just after they were born they were Democrats, but now their eyes are open.”




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  1. Kempite

    The difference is the fact that a convention made up of adults who have willingly gathered together to chant “I like Ike” did it at a convention for Ike and were not told that it was the right the thing to do or the right way to think. They were not children in a public school being brainwased. if you cannot see the difference than you obviously have been brainwashed yourself.

  2. Arch

    Has it occurred to you that Obama inspires this passion in people to do this of their own volition? Obama can not be defined by other people’s actions. That is asinine to even think about. If that is true, then should we blame homosexuals for the spread of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases? Can we blame homosexuals for the downfall of American morality in our country, which ultimately would mean that they caused all of the other problems we are having? Should we, as Jerry Falwell stated, blame homosexuals for Hurricane Katrina and 9/11?

    I get tired of this guilt by association BS. People should be held accountable for their own actions; and quit blaming other people. Obama may inspire people to become creative and take part in the political process on a monumental scale; but he can not be blamed on how they do it. They are in control of their own actions; and if they choose to pour adouration on the man, let them.

    The irony in all of this is the fact that the Republicans are as guilty of doing this as well. Take the 1952 Convention with chants of “I like Ike;” or the 1980 Convention and the excitement over the nomination of Ronald Reagan. Reagan himself was an eloquent speaker with no foreign policy experience. He had governed the liberal state of California, and used to be an actor. Shoot, he used to be a Democrat. Anyone who attacks the public infatuation of Obama has a short memory if they forget the same type of inspiration as a result of the reaction towards Reagan way back when.

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