Republican Nominee, Senator John McCain Up's the Ante.....Offers Obama the Chance for Less Talk and More Action

Republican Nominee, Senator John McCain Ups The Ante

In the face of a historic federal bailout that is intended to save a crucial sector of the financial markets, Senator John McCain has suspended his campaign for President. In doing so the Senator has taken politics out of problem solving, at least for the moment.

Some may call it a political ploy. I see it as an example of one of the driving forces behind his campaign and his service to our country. John McCain has repeatedly stated that we must serve a cause greater than ourselves and throughout his life he has done so. The temporary suspension of his campaign, in deference to one of the most drastic economic decisions in our nation’s history, is done in, fact, to again serve a greater cause .

The collapse of Wall Street financial institutions that over extended their risks has raised the need for the federal government to step in, in  order to prevent a ripple effect that could deepen the crisis. John McCain warned of this crisis over two years ago. As a sponsor of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, McCain saw the needs to reign in unbridled overextension of risk. This bill would have headed off what is now being called a crisis. However this bill was blocked by Democrats as well as some of the Republican, good old boys, that Sarah Palin and John McCain have been known to take on before.

A check of the congressional record shows McCain giving a speech about apparent accounting fraud at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Not only that, McCain said he was “concerned” about the magnitude of the role played by these government sponsored entities in the mortgage market, when they were obviously not being regulated in a responsible manner.

Now some may argue that deregulation led to this crisis. They may claim that the ideological penchant for less regulations credited to conservative Republicans are responsible for it. You may claim that but such a claim cannot be made about John McCain who warned us of this situation and provided a bill that would have prevented it. A bill that Democrats blocked.

I contend that proper regulation was not applied to these troublesome institutions. However, overregulation would also produce negative effects. The right type of regulation in the form of moderation was required and that is what John McCain offered. I will also add that the accounting fraud McCain mentioned in the congressional record was conducted in large part by Democrats, some of the very Democrats who led groups like FannieMae and are now economic advisors to Barack Obama. People like Franklin Raines who had to go before a House subcommittee to address allegations that he and his finance team had cooked the mortgage giant’s books, when Raines was the C.E.O. of the now failed Fannie Mae. In 2004.


It should also be noted that Under the Clinton administration mandates were created that forced FannieMae and FreddieMac to extend a set percentage of high risks loans to low income and minority applicants. This was a government fiat that obliged these institutions to enter even more higher risk loan extensions.

So one side can blame the other. Republicans can be blamed for too little regulation and Democrats can be blamed for attempts to create too much regulation and shady record keeping. But whichever side you want to blame you cannot blame Senator John McCain.

Despite the record that shows McCain was right, politics prevented his solutions from being applied to avoiding the crisis we are now in. Now, faced with hammering out a solution to the problem we did not avoid, John McCain has made a bold move to suspend politics and politics as usual. John McCain has stepped up to bat and he has declared his intentions to put country first.

Senator McCain has said that he would rather lose an election and win a war than win an election and lose a war. These words are now echoed by deed. They are echoed in his actions to put a cease to talking about action and actually taking action.

Whatever your opinion, John McCain has just upped the ante. The suspension of his campaign and call for his opponent to head back to Washington, D.C. with him, allows McCain to get hold of this crisis and take control of it. He has just forced Barack Obama to either show up or shut up. Either continue with your campaign of words or demonstrate leadership through action.

Both presidential candidates are incumbent senators. They can talk about what they will do as a president but what are they doing within their current capacities? John McCain has just shown us that he will live up to those responsibilities. Once again John McCain answers a call to duty.


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  1. kempite

    Excuse you Woodie, but I do not follow nor do I do so blindly. You can believe what you like. You apparently believe the unsupported words of Barack Obama, so I do not have faith in your beliefs but as for me, I believe in an approach by government that is not in any way shape or form described by Obama. I do not believe that John McCain is the best representative of the aproach that I do I believe in, but he does represent a totally different direction to the one I prefer. Additionally, your liberal spin may choose to denounce the more appealing characteristics of McCain, which threaten your candidates electoral viability, but they do not take away from them. They are merely the smartass comments of an ideology that has failed and lacks vision or capabilities.

  2. Kempite,
    To state that McCain was found innocent shows how naive you are. He benefited a great deal from that relationship and simply used the system to get away with it. I can understand if you truly supported McCain, but I cannot believe that. The Republicans are stuck with this candidate because no one with common sense would have tried to run as the GOP candidate after the last 8 years. So it is sad that you blindly back your candidate, based on nothing else but you ignorance or ‘party’ loyalty. A truly intelligent person would look at both sides and see what each has to offer. The opportunist..i mean ‘maverick’ is not what the GOP want, so why are you blindly following him?

  3. kempite

    WENDY CRIMM….Hahahahahahah…….and I suppose the Democrats who blocked McCain’s bill that would have avoided this crisis are the messianic saviors of mankind. As for your attempts to try and make McCain seem feeble because of age, I suggest that you take a deep breath and look at what he has suggested. Refrain , rotr the moment from the foriegn affairs debate this Friday and focus on the what is going to be the single largest transfer of federal dollars in our history. McCain has said let us avoid politics and focus on the immediate problem by solving it, not by exploiting it for political gain. You talk about the “recision”, I assume you mean recession. You talk about it in regards to us being in one. That in itself explains your halucinatory view of reality. we are not in a redession. The economy continues to grow, despite the failings of limited sectors in the financial market. So before you lay blame for all things wrong in the world on Republicans, get a grip and develop an understanding for what you try to discuss. Start with facts,. They might help you respond effectively.

    WOODLAWN……..What are you reffring to? The charge that was alleged against McCain and was then found innocent of? That would be like me saying you are a bright person because you were able to string a few words together and post it on the internet. I could claim that you were smart but it doesn’t make so. Since the words that you strung together in your comment make no sense, they are meaningless and you are actually an ass. If avoiding his eventual fate is described by calling for a cessation of political rhetoric so that you can actually conduct some effective business and develop a sound policy and piece of corrective legisl;ation, than I have some Kennedy legislation that deals with bridge driving safety for you to sign on to. And if the type of man who you are scarred to defend is one with honor, integrity and judgment than live in fear my friend because I will defend a man likre that any day over the pompous and self grandizing candidate that you swoon over.

  4. Wendy Crim

    A good leader should be able to handle more than one thing at a time. I know McCain is old, but he’s going to have to learn to multitask if he wants to have the most important job in the world. Politics aren’t more important than a recision. I can’t believe anyone could even be this far off track. It IS political policies, disasterous policies, churned out by the repubulican party that have ruined this country. It is John McCain’ts politics that have CAUSED the recission. It is repubs mismanagement of everything from the economy and jobs to the war that have done this REPUBLICANS HAVE WRECKED THIS COUNTRY! McCain is just another greedy coward (aka republican). I know Americans are too smart to fall for this one. It’s way too transparent.

  5. Given McCain’s history….see Keating 5…….I simply see him as an opportunist…someone who is trying to avoid his eventual fate. “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should”…yes the man who said this is going to Washington to save the day……If you believe that, I have a bridge in Alaska to sell you. It is frightening to see the ‘right’ defend such a man. If there general public used common sense in their choices, characters such John McCan would not exist.

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