If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

That is a phrase that was recently and often used in politics to refer to taxes and to point out that if you implement a tax but call it something else, it is still a tax. The phrase is a legitimate analogy that helps hammer a point across. You may even say it is an innocent one.

This morning Barack Obama stood before a crowd of supporters at a school in Virginia to give a speech on education. He pre-empted his usual education stump speech to address his own remarks from the day before when he made another type of analogy that didn’t use ducks, it used pigs. In it he said “ You can put lipstick on a pig“,(laugh, laugh, laugh) “but it’s still a pig”.

Given another time and circumstance this might have been an innocent statement, but given the fact that the women Obama is running against, on the Republican ticket, made a joke that referred to lipstick during a speech that introduced her to the nation, only days before Obama’s remark, it was hardly innocent.

In the business of politics every word is chosen carefully and with reason. There is a press corps that is looking for red meat in every crevice and corner. There is a politically correct society that is just looking for a reason to ask for your apology and there is of course the fact that you are running for President and that people think a President or potential one says what he means.

So today Barack Obama addressed his remarks from the day before. He did not deny the remark, nor did he deny the insinuation made in his remark. Instead he turned it into an attack that blamed Republicans and John McCain for playing politics. He blamed them for using diversionary tactics and trying to distract voters attention away from the issues . He essentially said that words are not important, or more accurately put, that his words are not important. He suggested that what he said should be ignored and that we should overlook his words and move on.

Well I am here to tell you that I will take his advice. I will assume that all the words of Barack Obama are meaningless and should be ignored. When Barack “America” uses words to offer people health care or cut their taxes, I will assume that they are meaningless and should be discounted. I will listen to his words and then I will ignore them, because according to Obama, his words are just distractions.

After Sarah Palin said “you know what the difference between a hockey mom and a pit-bull is?….. Lipstick”, everyone understood the analogy and we moved on. It was a harmless use of words that played on the toughness of women. No one was or could be offended by it. However, when days after these words grabbed headlines and were fresh on the minds of the public, Barack talks about lipstick on pigs. No one can deny where this phrase came from or the association with it. No one except for him.

And no one except for him could get away with it either. If John McCain had said this remark after Hillary Clinton accepted her desired nomination with the same joke that Sarah Palin used, every left wing and feminist organization throughout the world would demand that his gonads be chopped off and pickled like pigs feet.

In 1984 Vice President George H. W. Bush debated Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro. The day after the debate he was at a shipyard in Jersey City, New Jersey for a campaign stop. While stepping off of a tug boat, he passed a remark to a fellow supporter and said “we kicked a little tail last night , didn’t we”. Well the sky fell for that one and every group from the National Organization for Women to Women Pig Farmers United held Vice President Bush accountable for it. Subsequently, he apologized for any offense taken by it and explained that the term was not a reference to Geraldine Ferraro’s sex, but was meant in a political context. Believe him or not, he owned up to the remark and apologized to those who did take offense.

Flashback to 2008 and Barack Obama essentially calls the Republican nominee for Vice President a pig and not a single feminist group objects. This only helps to support the fact that these groups are not for women. They are for Liberal women and liberal women only. They do not denounce the remarks, nor do fellow Democrats and their standard bearer. Barack Obama, doesn’t own up to it and apologize for it. Instead he discounts it and plays the victim card. Would Obama The Great ever lower his infallible stature enough to apologize? No, not Obama. To apologize and demonstrate that he is less than perfect would damage his messianic image.

Barack Obama gets his wish. I will ignore his words. I will see them as meaningless distractions that have no value when it comes to things like solving America’s problem. If Barack does not want to be held accountable to his words, then so be it. On the other hand, if he wants us to have any faith in his grandiose speeches than he should take responsibility for what he says and what he means and apologize for calling Sarah Palin a pig.

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